The trade that failed two teams

Here we are about to end the first month of baseball and the Florida Marlins are still in first place. It seems almost every player has stepped up to help the Fish: Jacobs, Willingham, Hermida, Uggla, Ramirez, Hendrickson, Olsen, Pinto, Greg, etc. Unfortunately, the players that came over in the trade for Miguel Cabrera & Dontrelle Willis haven’t done much, including Andrew Miller. Miller has now started 6 games as a Marlin and has an E.R.A over 8. If this is not a call to the Minors I don’t know what is. Last night he gave up six runs in three innings before getting pulled. Burke Badenhop was called-up when Rick Vandenhurk stunk up the place and has not been much better (0-2, E.R.A over 8). Meanwhile, Cameron Maybin is in AA breaking records for strikeouts (36 in 24 games) and Mike Rabelo has taken Matt Treanor’s job but can’t hit worth a damn.

Heck, it’s not like Detroit is doing any better. They gave Cabrera millions only to see him get off to a horrible start while Willis pitched two games, gave up lots of runs, and got injured. The Tigers are currently in last place in their division while the Marlins are first in theirs. I don’t think anyone believes that Miguel won’t get his 30 home runs/100 R.B.I but as of now it’s clear both teams got shafted in this trade. I am as big of an Andrew Miller supporter as anyone but it’s time to send him down or at least put him in the bullpen where he might be able to build his confidence. I don’t like the feeling I get when Miller is starting a game. It’s a feeling of fear, pity, and anger that we are almost guaranteed a loss. I want my Florida Marlins to shock the world but it won’t happen unless the entire team contributes on a regular basis.

As for the card below, it’s a 2008 Topps Co-Signers. Doesn’t Topps have anyone who can take new photos of baseball players? These two images have been used, reused, and abused over and over again in 2007 releases. Isn’t that what this guy is for? Geez!



  1. And here we are with another $10 a pack Topps product with sticker autos!! And they couldn’t even get all the stickers in time. The redemption cards are already popping up. How can they sell Finest for roughly $8 a pack (yes, I know you have to buy at least a mini box) and guarantee that every card in the product is an on card auto, and yet for $9-10 a pack you get all stickers AND you may still have to wait for some of your cards to arrive in the mail?? Can anybody really tell me why Co-Signers is a $120 box?

  2. I can’t tell you why Co-Signers is a $120 box when I only paid $88.95 for one (including shipping) on Ebay. I also got a Finest box for $110.48 (including shipping) last week. It makes me wonder why people would pay more for boxes at a hobby store.

    Also, I guess I’m in the minority, but sticker autographs don’t really bother me, as long as they fit well in the design of the card.

  3. People pay a little more at hobby shops so that they don’t have to wait for shipping from eBay or worry about getting a weighed/searched/leftover box.

    Or….maybe it’s to support your local store and help keep small businesses alive in America. When I was a kid, there was a shop on every corner. Now, I have 2 shops within a 30 mile radius of my house. My favorite local shop orders just enough product for what his regular customers are going to buy. That is the state that our hobby is currently in.

    Actually, your comments also remind me of something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now. How do all of these eBay sellers get their hands on cases and cases of new product, that they are able to sell at such low prices?? When I got back into the hobby earlier this year, I contacted Topps and UD about buying boxes and cases of new products, and I was told That

    A) You have to own a brick & mortar shop that does 75% of it’s business in trading cards and collectibles.

    B) You have to provide a copy of a current, valid business license for said shop.

    C) And you have to provide proof that you have made at least 3 previous purchases from another reputable card manufacturer.

    I know that not everyone on eBay owns a shop. So where do they get all of their cases from at those prices??

  4. Well Charlie….I have your answer as to where Ebay sellers get their cases for cheap. It is called Many years ago when I had a store this is where I used to acquire my product as it is sometimes cheaper than getting it directly from Topps, UD etc. For $50 a month all you need is a valid business license and a drivers license. I know in NJ you can acquire a business license for about $125 by just saying you are opening a business from your home. In my opinion Topps and everyone else will realize this in the coming years when their orders drop off like rocks. The industry will have to change sooner or later….I just hope it is to far in the future.

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