The Heavenly Collections crisis!

Last night I received an email about another great essay-writing contest by Sports Cards Fun in which the best essay about ‘How to save the hobby’ wins a box of 2008 Topps. As much as I’d like to contribute, the truth is that the hobby is not dead or even dying. There will always be guys who only buy retail, others who only buy cards of their player, and high-rollers who will spend $1,000 a week on new product. Topps & Upper Deck knows this and will do whatever it takes to make more profit than the other. If that means $400 packs, 100% all sticker autographs, and a million new parallels—then that is what you are going to get. They do not care about the old school set-builders, the adult collectors who have to choose between putting food on the table or buying a new box of ’08 FInest, or the dedicated player collector who was 90% complete in his collection until Co-Signers came out with 100 different cards of his player.

I am sorry to come off so bitter. I love baseball cards & collecting but being asked to pay $150 for a box of Spectrum a few weeks ago changed my views a bit. Apparently I am not the only one because Jason, who was featured in the extinct Wax Heaven Heavenly Collections is getting rid of his sick Jason & Jeremy Giambi collection. This is the affect that is being caused by the card companies. Another collector bites the dust…

“I’ve come to a decision as of late, after much thought and consideration, that I will be clearing out my Giambi collection. Overall, I’m just tired of the hobby and the time/energy/money/etc. can be put to better use.

I just don’t have the willpower anymore to chase after every card of Giambis, especially with the card companies still producing an obscene amounts of parallels. (i.e. 08 UD Spectrum – There are about 10 different parallels of Giambi jersey cards in that product alone). The thrill just isn’t there anymore for me and to continue in the collection would be useless if it doesn’t produce the desired effect for myself.”



  1. Mario, that’s the reason I haven’t sat down and attempted to write an essay about this. I contemplated it last night but I feel exactly the same way. Granted, I’ll probably still contribute just to vindicate having lost the first essay…lol. The hobby will never die, it’s not in the process of dying now. It will simply evolve. Survival of the Fittest applies to the collector, not the card companies. It’s disheartening to see collector’s giving up on collecting rather than Topps and Upper Deck giving up with their ridiculously complex products. Well, written blog!

  2. It’s like vince russo booking. It’s one thing to evolve the hobby beyond it’s basic origins, it’s an entire other matter to turn it into a convoluted mess.

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