Topps drops the ball (AGAIN)

Adding boxers to their ’08 Co-Signers product was a great way to attract fans of the endangered sport (like me!) but looking at some of the cards already popping up on eBay, it’s clear they took the cheapskate route. Joan Guzman? Chad Dawson? Andre Ward? Fine, you included Larry Holmes but what about today’s stars? Wladimir Klitschko is unstopable at Heavyweight, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the pound for pound best fighter in the world, Miguel Cotto is an undefeated menace, and what about the most popular boxer since Muhammad Ali, “Iron” Mike Tyson?

If you are going to include boxing with your product, why not do it right instead of half-assin’ it once again? Mike Tyson is poor & lonely, and putting in autographs of the youngest Heavyweight champion of all-time could not only help your product but would have possibly revived Mike Tyson’s name in the sport he carried and ultimately destroyed in 1997 when he bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear.

This is what Mike Tyson looks like without boxing. How much could it have possibly cost to get him to sign 300 Topps stickers?



  1. I think there are about 3 or 4 names I recognize on the entire boxing checklist. Naturally, I’m still going to buy a box and hope I beat the odds for once this year!

  2. I agree with Topps needing to add more of todays stars. But didn’t they already feature a Tyson Autograph in 06 or 07 Allen and Ginter Set?

  3. Yeah, this list is all boxers you would see on Showtime on a Tuesday evening. The HBO pay-per-view regulars are all absent except for Pavlik, Holmes and Marquez. One I really like is the dual signature of Israel Vasquez and Raphael Marquez. If anyone has seen their trilogy of fights they know that these two are on another level. Andre Berto is the one card equivalent to a prospect auto. This kid has a lot of star power potential and has proved to be a knockout puncher. Would have loved to see a Larry Merchant or Jim Lampley card, but Bert Sugar and Teddy Atlas are good boxing personalities.

  4. More than you think!!!

    His deal with Uk based Allstarsignings in 2005 was reported to be £30,000 ($60,000) for 500 items

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