Some people shouldn’t be allowed on eBay

Check out this auction for a ’94 Upper Deck SP rookie card of Alex Rodriguez. Now, I haven’t bought a Beckett Baseball issue for at least 6 months but last I checked this card usually sells for under $150 when not graded. This guy is demanding $875. He also says not once but twice that A-Rod played on the Florida Marlins. We haven’t had any over-priced “talent” since Gary Sheffield. Heck, we never do…why do you think we shipped Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers?

“It was NEVER hand touched!” he claims, so how did it magically get into the Top Loader? Also, where is the penny sleeve? I give him props for the mysterious photo, though. You gotta love eBay sellers….



  1. I’m a big fan of checking people’s histories when i buy from them, this guy hasn’t ever sold baseball cards before, so where the heck did he get this cards?

  2. Wow!! You forgot to mention the $12 shipping charge as well, which includes $1500 in insurance! I usually find laughers like this once a day when looking for new Dawsons. I usually don’t know how to feel though. In a situation like this where the person only has 1 sportscard for sale, it’s hard to tell if they know they’re trying to rip people off, or if their friend told them “hey, baseball cards sell for a lot of money!!” Mostly, I think I just feel bad for the fact that they are basically giving eBay their listing fee with absolutely no chance of selling their item 😦

  3. I took a look at that auction again. I think I’ve decided, the kid just has no idea what he’s doing. Maybe eBay should develop some kind of item specific aptitude test so we can keep all these riff-raff out 🙂

  4. ” Now I was not there, but if Doug Behrends says he never touched it, Doug Behrends never touched it! GUARANTEED!”

    I think Doug Behrends sold me my first was a real nice 1986 dodge omni, baby blue on baby blue sittin on 8 inch rims! God i loved that car..

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