Another great mailday!

Charles is a die-hard Cubs fan who wanted to make a trade a few weeks ago. He had some Marlins, some Miller, and lots of Jeter for the old lady so I knew a trade had to be completed. When all was said and done he got a nice little lot of Cubs pitcher Rich Hill (including an autographed printing plate #’d 1 of 1) and in return I received a boatload of Florida Marlins and Derek Jeter cards and one really sweet Jeremy Hermida autograph not to mention an Andrew Miller ’52 Topps chrome card. Pretty sweet deal! Now go check out his Andre Dawson blog. He just started it but his heart is definitely in the right place.

Also, out of the blue Steve from White Sox cards sent out a free package of cards (some Marlins, a couple of Jose, and even a Derek Jeter). Steve and I go way back in the sports cards blogosphere so he knows the package is much appreciated and the moment I bust some new product, he will be getting all my White Sox cards. Go check out his blogs, too. Here is one and here is the other. He is one of the best out there!

Thanks to all the bloggers who have accepted Wax Heaven into the community, all the readers who make this blog bigger than Ben Henry’s ( 😉 ), and everyone who has ever given the site some attention (good or bad). Days like these make me realize all the hard work is well worth the time & effort.



  1. I’ll have to get some of my Marlin’s stuff coming your way. I have an abundance of cards that for some reason I can’t find an outlet for selling, even though my website in my posts is my NAXCOM account (hint, hint…haha.) Per my boss (aka, my better half) I can’t buy anything else until I sell some stuff. If nothing else, I owe you for the essay post…

  2. I checked out your Naxcom page a couple of days ago, believe it or not.

    You don’t have to send any Marlins stuff out…just work on another amazing essay (hint, hint).

  3. Man, I just checked out Naxcom and Naxcom Auctions for the first time looking for Dawson cards. Some of those people are really proud of the cards they have!! Holy high prices Batman.

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