The day baseball cards died

Ok guys, it’s over. Topps has officially killed baseball cards. Something tells me that “Mick” is rolling in his grave after seeing this 1 of 1 cut autograph (terrible) on an Xfractor with a sticker autograph of Robinson Cano. Robinson is currently hitting .158 in full-time duty for the New York Yankees this season. Bidding on the card is up to the $400 mark with 5 days left.

Congratulations Topps, you have created the WORST BASEBALL CARD OF ALL-TIME!



  1. Ok….so why didn’t Topps just shut it’s doors and put Rick Cerone on that card with Mantle? Does these companies have a clue what collectors want or are they just sticker happy? Once again….if I wanted a sticker I would go to a Hallmark store!!

  2. I actually like the fact that the Mantle cut is from a signed photo. I think they could have incorporated it into the card design a little better. However, if you are going to go to the trouble of inserting a Mantle cut auto into a high end card, don’t you think you could get Robinson “nobody” Cano to sign the actual card instead of a sticker!! Come to think of it, what on card autos does Topps have besides Finest. Even their 2 ultra high-end products, Sterling and Triple Threads, have sticker autographs.

  3. GODDAMN I hate when these card companies destroy perfectly good collectibles just to turn it into a cut auto. Raid the banks for some endorsed checks for the cuts and give away the whole signed photo as a redemption. Knowing Topps, they’d burn the picture if no one redeemed it so never mind. Damn idgits.

  4. thats pretty bad… my vote for the 2nd worst card ever made was the Topps Triple Threads ball auto of Mantle, David Wright, and A-Rod, where they managed to cram 3 signatures onto one sweet spot. what should have been an epic card turned out to be an ugly mess.

  5. This is an ugly card, but I think that saying it will kill the entire baseball card industry is quite an exaggeration. And seriously, Robinson Cano isn’t bad. If I could pick anyone off the Yankees roster to have on my team for the next 10 years, Cano would be my second pick after Chamberlain…

    Anyway, I think I’d like to be in a fantasy baseball league with Mario. I can picture him as the guy who drops all of their good players who get off to a bad start in April (like Cano) and stocks up on journeymen who are off to good starts (like Mark Hendrickson). Cano’s average will be above .300 before long…

  6. What happens when all of the money hungry individuals holding on to Mantle, Ruth, DiMaggio, etc signatures have all sold them to be cut? I like the idea of pulling these cards and getting a signature of some of these legends as much as the next guy but where does it end? These “cutable” signatures aren’t going to last forever. What a waste of a great Mantle Photo sig. Thanks, Topps…

  7. I enjoy the eBay stuff you enlighten us to. The Seaver rookie copy is the most amazing to me.

  8. Frankencard lives! Or is it supposed to be Frankentopps’ Monstercard…

    I have to agree with those that said Cano is good, although I can see where he isn’t exactly the first guy you think of on today’s team to put together with Mantle on a card. But come on, Cano’s not only a bright young star for the Yankees, but one of better younger guys in the league. He’s too good not to break out of his slow start, so give him a chance to do it.
    He does need to work on his signature, it looks pretty bad.

    It is pretty upsetting that they cut up a signed photo though. It’s just incredibly stupid to cut up a perfectly good and probably fairly accessible collectible like that, not to mention how bad it looks when put in a card. Where as game-used equipment and jerseys and signatures cut from checks are otherwise out of reach to normal collectors, that was already a somewhat accessible item that they mutilated. He almost certainly signed many thousands of photos like that over the years, so it probably isn’t even extremely rare.
    Cut signatures are pretty awesome, and I’d love to get my grubby little mitts on one someday, but make it a check or something else as inaccessible to the collecting public, not something that could be tracked down and owned at a not entirely unreasonable price like a signed photo.
    Considering how much time is left, it could go sickeningly high. That means if there are enough of them floating around out there, you could possibly be able to get a signed photo for less than this quite frankly hideous card, and still have enough left over for a Cano autograph card that actually looks halfway decent.

    I’d take that photo-less Canseco before this clusterf**k of a card. It was kind of interesting at least. This just looks horrible, and made even worse by being an X-Fractor.

  9. I know the Canseco signacuts 2008 was a bad graph but you must check out the Andrew Miller Signacut on the Bay it is leagues worse than this card!

    Lonestarr Check out the Check Mates series there’s a Canseco/Henderson on the bay right now and it’s sweet.

  10. That Miller cut is hilarious. At least the blue border is a little more appealing 🙂 Seiously though, what possible appeal did Tri-Star think those cards would have??

  11. Wow topps have left the building and hung themselves. what a waste of time to put that card together,half refractor gross.what a bad choice to put cano on the card next to one of the greatest players in the game and they put a sticker auto on it damn topps why b so cheesey have an on card auto of like a good player like don mattingly or jeter. whats next a puzzle piece auto of pedro feliz…lol i could go on and on about topps like the famous ppl autos,running for president cards throwbacks of base.u get the idea peace. BEAT LA!!!! GO CELTICS

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