Clemens shows teen girl his “Rocket”

Wow, first Topps kills baseball cards and now we find out that a 28-year old Roger Clemens, married and with children at the time had an affair with a country singer who was just 15 years of age. Suddenly Steroids isn’t Clemens’ biggest problem anymore, now is it? She is legal now so enjoy this photo.


(Source: NY Daily News)



  1. yeah like this lady has her act together!!
    do a google image search and check out the mugshots and the stories that say she is a crazy lady..
    every scum bag friend he has ever had is running through the woods to get to the light and tear him down some more!!

  2. And Greg Maddux has 349 wins and counting, 3292 strikeouts and counting, has been dragged in front of zero congressional hearings and only tags hot 20-something chicks who dig the longball.

    Awwww yeaaaah.

  3. I say go Roger what’s the point of being a professional Baseballer if you can’t tag some 15 year old drug addicts.

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