Mark Hendrickson for surprise of the year?

In 2008 the New York Mets gave Johan Santana close to $140 million to be their number one starter: he is currently 3-2. The very same year the Marlins gave $1.5 million to former N.B.A drop-out and fringe baseball player Mark Hendrickson: he is 4-1. I don’t think anyone could have expected this kind of a performance out of a pitcher who has never won more than 11 games in a season but has twice lost at least 15. Hell, even I was talking smack when the Marlins acquired Mark but he’s definitely earned a new fan.

Here’s to our best, most-reliable pitcher who has not only been dunked on by Michael Jordan, but also never played baseball full-time until the age of 26. One can only imagine what he could have done had he not wasted so many years sitting on the bench of five different N.B.A teams. Keep in mind that Los Angeles let this guy go but gave big-time money to Andruw Jones. Yeah, go figure.

Oh yeah, he’s also great with his fans. That always helps!



  1. Hendrickson is a nice guy, but his success won’t last. That ERA will rise above 5.00 pretty soon, just like it does every season. I’m glad that the Rays got some useful players (Dioner Navarro and Justin Ruggiano) when they traded him in ’06.

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