This is the end…

My only friend, the end.

The first 2008 release featuring Jose Canseco has hit eBay and it’s, well…how do I put this? Okay, it’s terrible. You have to appreciate and even thank Tristar for even including Jose in it’s release considering he is perhaps the most hated man in baseball but couldn’t they have come up with something a little more creative than this monstrosity? How about buying the rights to one of his minor league photos and then have him sign it? Or better yet since these card companies don’t want to do that anymore, have him sign a sticker and then place it on the Minor League card.

This to me is not even a baseball card. C’mon guys, believe it or not Jose still has a pretty large hobby following and with a little extra effort Tristar could have put out a very nice nostalgic autograph instead of this ugly thing some Bowman Chrome/Rookie Addict is going to pull and get rid of the minute he logs on to eBay.



  1. I would rather have a 1990 Topps Canseco than that waste of cardboard. At least in 1990 they still put photos on the cards.

  2. They couldn’t have just taken a picture of him now? And, by the by, what makes it a “Signa Cuts”? It’s signed on a sticker!! So I guess they stuck the sticker to a piece of paper and then cut – it – out 🙂

  3. That is by far the stupidest looking card I’ve ever seen! What is that crazy green? That’s just being lazy, Tristar…

  4. what the hell makes that a cut its an auto on a sticker put on a “card”..JOKE PRODUCT>>

    PS Tankersly just gave up another homerun!! yuck

  5. someone was willing to pay $20 bucks for it and now another is up for bids. Did anyone see the ’03 FOTG auto #’d to 5 go for $160! Canseco is picking up some serious steam in the collectors market.

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