Mutant Freak of the Day

Previous Mutants: Ghost Rider, Thanos, Thor, Hulk

I will just come out and say it: I am not a fan of Spider-Man. Personally, I always prefered Venom and when he made his debut, Carnage. That was one hell of a bad-ass tag team that should have kicked Spidey’s tail each time but somehow never did. That being said, the Spider Man movies weren’t terrible. I can’t stand Tobey Mcguire but he did alright in the first, after the second one turned into a love story I tuned out and didn’t give the third one the time of day. Then one day I heard one of my all-time favorite villains Venom would be in the final installment. When I found out this guy from That 70’s Show was going to play Venom, I boycotted the film. Sorry, but Eddie Brock should somewhat resemble this guy.

Anyways, the Venom card from the Marvel Masterpieces set is average at best. Somehow, they got Peter Parker just right, though. So for today’s Mutant Freak of the Day, it’s none other than Spider-Man!


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