Keeping up with the Jones

While “the next Mickey Mantle” has hit rock-bottom in Los Angeles, Larry Jones, better known to the baseball world as “Chipper” has been on a tear the likes of which he has never experienced in his 15-year career. In 22 games so far this season he is hitting .422 with 7 home runs, and 20 R.B.I. Keep in mind that Chipper is 36 and has not had a monster season since 2001.

It almost seems that Atlanta getting rid of Andruw was just what Chipper needed. I mean, despite one hell of a career that includes six 30+ home run seasons and nine years with 100+ RBI, Jones was always getting over-shadowed by the younger, seemingly twice as talented Andruw. Don’t forget, just four seasons ago Andruw jacked 51 bombs the same year Chipper barely cracked 20 (in 109 games).

It seems that no matter how fat Andruw got, how lazy his play on the field became, or just how disinterested he was with baseball, he could always outshine Chipper for what he did as a 19-year old rookie. He had the potential, charisma, and yes, even the smile to be the next Mantle once upon a time but It’s clear to everyone in baseball those days are long gone. Now with Andruw out of the spotlight for good, Braves fans have an old friend to cheer for, his name is Larry but you can call him “Chipper”.


One comment

  1. Call me a sucker for stupid, but I bought another 6 packs of the 2007 Co-Signers. I didn’t have as much trouble identifying them this time…lol. I pulled a Moon Shots Auto of Walter Cunningham this time and a Red Andruw/Chipper card. I thought of this blog as soon as I saw it. Let me know if you would like a scan of it… On a side note, I’ve always thought that Chipper was the most underrated player in the league.

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