If you invested in Francisco Liriano…

26 04 2008

…now would probably be a good time to jump ship.

Liriano was one of the first autographs I pulled when I returned to the hobby in 2007. I didn’t know much about him but it booked pretty high in Beckett and demanded lots of attention when in my trade bucket. Francisco was touted by his organization as a “super prospect” and many compared him to Johan Santana. In 2006 he went 12-3 with an ERA of 2.16 causing his baseball cards to skyrocket. Unfortunately, since then he has been injury prone, had Tommy John Surgery, missed an entire baseball season, had a D.U.I, and even arrived late to this year’s Spring Training because of Visa problems with the Dominican Republic.

So far this season he is 0-3 with an 11.32 ERA earning him a trip to AAA. He’s still only 24 (27 by Dominican years) so don’t count him completely out but maybe attempting to sell his rookie card for $550 is not the best timing in the world. Of course, some poor sap paid $80 for an Andrew Miller 2007 Sweet Spot autograph so anything is possible these days.




One response

26 04 2008

“still only 24 (27 by Dominican years)”

Very good! Made me LOL

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