2008 Bowman Chrome preview!

Here we go again! I think it’s safe to say that Bowman Chrome is the brand associated with rookies and baseball cards in general, at least for those who started collecting in the last decade or so. Now I don’t know if I missed something but it looks as if you get only 2 base and 2 rookie cards per pack and as always, one autographed prospect card per box. At $4 a pack, that is a buck a card. Doesn’t sound right to me.

Not counting 1 of 1 Superfractors, there are close to 1,500, 1 of 1 printing plates in all. Shoot, and you thought Moments & Milestones was bad! If any math nerds want to do the math, be my guest!



  1. You gotta love the Angel Villalona “autograph”!

    Seriously though, what happened to the rule against making rookie cards of players who haven’t played in the major leagues yet? That doesn’t apply to Bowman sets?

  2. they arent rookie cards they are prospect cards..loop hole to keep my beloved bowman crome alive and well!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH, its like the first time all over every year!!

  3. Will Angel Villalona cards be available in the 2008 Bowman baseball or do you have to wait until 2008 Bowman Chrome?

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