The Marlins have no love for Wax Heaven

For the past week I have been doing everything I can to get my hand on a one-day media/press pass to be allowed to take photographs on the field of Dolphin Stadium during batting practice before the games. I have seen guys on the field all the time and they never bother the players and as anyone who knows anything about Wax Heaven, these photos will not be used to make a profit. I just want to be able to report on my hometown team from a little closer than the first row.

I have done everything from writing emails to just about every member of their office (including the President David Samson) to calling their Media Relations office but nothing as of yet. It appears that if this is ever going to get done it will be by some other means. Maybe attaining one from a local newspaper and/or business journal? I don’t know, I have a feeling something shady has to be done to get in on their good side. I know the Better Business Bureau can be bought off. I have seen it done. You make a donation and suddenly you have a nice big plaque to hang in your business.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please let me know. I am just a Blogger trying to take my game to the next level. If only the man AKA the Marlins Organization would help me out a little.

P.S – The guy in the photo may have a big lens, but it’s not the size of the….nevermind.



  1. Is there a local newspaper you can get affiliated with? That is probably the best idea. Also go through their public relations department.

  2. Not to shoot down your dream, but you’re probably going to have to do more than just ask in order to get a press pass. You’re (most likely) going to need to be affiliated with some sort of news outlet. One possible thing to look into would be to show off your photography to the alternative press outlets in the local area…if there are any smaller newspapers or weekly alternative newspapers.

    Take some action photos from the front row at a few games and start to build a portfolio. Maybe also see if you can get a press pass to a minor league game or a high school or college game and shoot on the field. Not just candid stuff…action is what they’ll want to see. Then take your portfolio to the alternative media places and see if they like what you show them. Tell them you want a chance to shoot a Marlins game and see if they can hook you up with a press pass.

    You’ll likely have much better luck going through a media organization than just trying to ask the team. Every JoeSchmoe these days has a camera and would love to be on the field taking pics…if they gave a press pass to everyone that just wanted one, there’d be 500 photographers down there for each game. You’re probably going to have to do much more than just ask a bunch of people.

    The guys down there are professional photographers working for a media organization…you need to be that as well, or at least be affiliated in some way. It’s going to take work, but if this is your new goal for 2008, put in the time and see if you can get it done! Good luck!

  3. Brandon, you are not shooting anything down. I truly appreciate your feedback. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate it would be that difficult to get a pass to cover a team with not much of a following outside of Florida.

    Thanks for the well-thought out reply. I will put in the time, that is a promise.

    -Mario A.

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