Imitation in its sincerest form!

Hmm….is it just me or have I just been jacked again? This time it’s by the Orlando Sentinel‘s sports card-related blog, written April 24th. I am not crazy enough to believe it was simply my idea but I didn’t see any blogs or websites talking about it until I posted this April 15th. That’s just too big of a coincidence, don’t you think?

I am not sure how this will affect the Major League sets about to go into production but a shout out to Wax Heaven would have been nice. I have many other plans in the well but from this point on I think I will just do them rather than announce them to the readers of Wax Heaven. Also, is it just me or does anyone else think that including autographs of the Topps Rip GIrls in 2008 Finest was a direct answer to Heavenly Vixen? I mean, we know Beckett Media, Dick Perez, and other industry people read the blog so what’s to say Topps didn’t see the H.V and say to themselves, “Damn, why didn’t we think of that?”



  1. What a giant Douche!! His website sucks too. Took about 2 1/2 min to load the story. Could there really not be anything else for him to write about?

  2. Don’t think too highly of yourselves, guys. I hadn’t seen this item until I was called a douche over on my blog.

    It’s not like fantasy cards haven’t ever been done before.

    I’ll leave the comment over there just for the record.

  3. And, again, just for the record, here’s the July 2005 page where all of the Major Leaguer’s had their own complete cards — then 1989 Donruss — in the newspaper I worked for at that time.

    As for Topps’ Rip Girl concept being, eh, ripped off from your fantasy card? Well, I’d take that up with them.

    Now, if your boxing gloves are off, I’ll take mine off (and even mention your item on my “sucky” site).

  4. Now ladies, no need to fret! I’m sure that there have been other people that have had this idea in the last 19 years, since the movies release. I’m sure Bowman would have done the release prior to getting bought out by Topps that same year. So boys, neither of you should think too highly of yourselves.
    And enough of the “for the record” nonsense. Your site isn’t sucky, we are just lucky enough to have incredibly committed readers.
    The boxing gloves have been locked away, so I think we can all move on now. 🙂

  5. What boxing gloves? If I didn’t like your sports card blog it wouldn’t be in the Sports Cards Directory, which I started. I also had you linked at Wax Heaven a long time ago. Never said anything bad about your blog.

    Just let me and my megalomaniac traits live in peace, ok?

  6. Whew, my first “blog battle” is over. Now, the *real* question is who’s going to get to Major League II cards first…

    AND, in case you haven’t picked up a signed copy of Jose Canseco’s “Vindicated,” the L.A. bookstore he did a signing at has them for sale on its Web site.

    I picked one up about a week ago.

  7. Hey Mario~ Maybe you and Chris Olds could get together at a Marlins game and talk about your ideas. Could be that he might have good ideas on how you could obtain one of those PRESS PASSES that you desire.

  8. I just had a wonderful idea! Maybe I can get together with Chris at a Marlins game to talk about our ideas. Maybe he might have some good ideas on how I could obtain one of those press passes I desire…

  9. My 1989s look better in color. Here’s Cerrano with a readable back:


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