6 Degrees of a baseball card blog

24 04 2008

I feel really guilty. You see, when I first began blogging about baseball cards there was maybe 10-15 card blogs, tops. I use to check each one every single day and left comments each time I had something to add. Today, if you check the Sports Card Directory, there are 88 different baseball card-related blogs. The honest truth is that I can’t visit each one daily or even weekly any more since I work full-time and because some don’t even update for days and weeks at a time. Also, leaving comments now is almost impossible since I have so much going on at work but there are still many blogs I visit each day a couple of times, one being ‘Things Done To Cards‘. I haven’t shown much love to this blog in a while due to time restraints but I do make sure to check it out at least once a day and was amused by Steve’s post on 1992 Topps Micro recently. I thought about how cool it would be to open a box of a Micro set and then wouldn’t you know it, I get an Ozzie Canseco 1991 Topps Micro in the mail.

I am now at 26 different Ozzie Canseco baseball cards, including two autographs. I went with Tatiana to his game this Tuesday, eagerly hoping to show him my collection during his last game of the season but he had made a trip to New Jersey and would not return for a couple of weeks. There you go, just like that my connection with Ozzie Canseco has come to an end. It was definately one hell of a ride and I loved every minute of it. Thanks to Mr. Canseco and his brother for being so kind to a couple of his fans. It won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

You can view my Ozzie collection by clicking HERE.




4 responses

24 04 2008
Steve G.

Actually, that was written by one of my new contributors, Cliff from Capewood’s Collections. I agree, that was a great post by him.

24 04 2008

Visit blogs? Of course you are using a handy dandy rss reader… right?

24 04 2008
Pricing Baseball Cards

That was a wonderful post. How about some stuff on grading and rating baseball cards?

24 04 2008

I just got a 1992 Andre Dawson Topps Micro Gold in the mail today for 99 cents. They are really cool little cards.

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