6 Degrees of a baseball card blog

I feel really guilty. You see, when I first began blogging about baseball cards there was maybe 10-15 card blogs, tops. I use to check each one every single day and left comments each time I had something to add. Today, if you check the Sports Card Directory, there are 88 different baseball card-related blogs. The honest truth is that I can’t visit each one daily or even weekly any more since I work full-time and because some don’t even update for days and weeks at a time. Also, leaving comments now is almost impossible since I have so much going on at work but there are still many blogs I visit each day a couple of times, one being ‘Things Done To Cards‘. I haven’t shown much love to this blog in a while due to time restraints but I do make sure to check it out at least once a day and was amused by Steve’s post on 1992 Topps Micro recently. I thought about how cool it would be to open a box of a Micro set and then wouldn’t you know it, I get an Ozzie Canseco 1991 Topps Micro in the mail.

I am now at 26 different Ozzie Canseco baseball cards, including two autographs. I went with Tatiana to his game this Tuesday, eagerly hoping to show him my collection during his last game of the season but he had made a trip to New Jersey and would not return for a couple of weeks. There you go, just like that my connection with Ozzie Canseco has come to an end. It was definately one hell of a ride and I loved every minute of it. Thanks to Mr. Canseco and his brother for being so kind to a couple of his fans. It won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

You can view my Ozzie collection by clicking HERE.



  1. Actually, that was written by one of my new contributors, Cliff from Capewood’s Collections. I agree, that was a great post by him.

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