Wax Heaven 2.0

You may have noticed some subtle changes at Wax Heaven, specifically the removal of some of the main links at the top of the page (Wax TV, Heavenly Collections, etc.). Fear not, there will still be product reviews and video box breaks but that is no longer going to be the only main focus of the site. My goal is to reach every collector old & new and to report on every baseball card-related news story and that will never change but starting in May there will be a new focus on photography. I love going to Florida Marlins baseball games and posting the photographs the next day. It’s something I enjoy immensely and for the most part, I think the ball players prefer being photographed rather than signing a card or baseball that will probably end up on eBay the next day. This weekend, if all goes well Tatiana and I will travel to Jupiter, Florida to attend a home game of the Jupiter Hammerheads. They are an A+ Minor League organization affiliated with the Florida Marlins. That should be a good place to start since the Marlins are on the road this weekend.

My goal for 2008 is now a simple one: to be on the field for one game of the Florida Marlins as a photographer. Thanks to the site and some email responses, I have a few leads to follow to attempt to obtain my goal. Throughout my chase, there will still be plenty of news stories, product previews, and baseball card commentary to keep everyone happy but at this moment my attention is being turned towards something that is not so ridiculously overpriced and bloated.

Also, Heavenly Vixen series 2 is still scheduled to be released in May. No extra product details are available at the moment with the exception of us not being able to use Upper Deck or any of its likeness to prevent any legal issues that may arise. The years will be 1989 & 1990, as pointed out by a very observant reader who said in the post that even though the films were years apart, they took place in back to back seasons.

Hurry cause there is still time to cast your vote!


One comment

  1. The hammer heads?!?!!?
    Come on man. Stop tripping.
    U know a dude like me wants to see u next to stars.
    Can i say. MANNY!!!!

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