Anyone think Spectrum is worth $150?

I haven’t busted any wax in over a month (since M & M) and today we went to our “card shop” only to find that 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum was selling at just under $150. When we called our only other shop in the area (about an hour away), they were selling it for $145. Is it just me or is this year’s Spectrum incredibly overpriced? I have seen over 20 different box breaks of this product and with the exception of Wax Breaker who scored a “hot box” with 11 “hits”, it’s all been filled with junk game-used relic cards and below average autographs. I just don’t see how I will bust out $150 for a sub-par baseball release that didn’t exactly impress me last year.

As of now, the only guaranteed buys for me will be Finest and Co-Signers because I am sick of these average releases being so freakin’ expensive.



  1. Hobby boxes are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. They shot themselves in the foot by doing retail packs. For $140 you can get 7 blasters with 7 hits. The hair band autographs are selling for under 10 bucks easy so use the five left over to get the bass player for Twisted Sister. Bang, you just got more cards and more hits for the same price as a hobby box. Still over priced though and I just ripped a blaster (and had fun doing it).

  2. That price tag would be why I didn’t buy it, and have no plans to. Why the hell would I want an autograph of some washed up musician or actor when I’m buying a box of baseball cards?? Wouldn’t I just buy a box of Donruss Americana, or Celebrity Cuts?? No, I would not, because I collect BASEBALL CARDS!!! Topps and UD are quickly finding places of honor on my bus list this year.

  3. I bought a $20 blaster of Spectrum from Wal-Mart and got a GU out of it. *shrug*

    I’ll post the break … soonish. 😀

  4. Wow 150 is awful and i thought 99 was bad here in Colorado… hot boxes are great and all I got really lucky but wow I have seen some bad ones. I’m not just talking about good players but the quality of the card. Some of the foil was peeling right out of the pack. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than 90 dollars on it. At times I wish I had a time machine. Even though I bashed Finest at first it has been a good set to me and I love co-signers. The only other thing to look forward to until mid June is gonna be Topps 08 series 2, for me anyway.

  5. I certainly don’t think so, but then again, I only bust things that are like 8 years old. Haha! (shameless plug)

    Some sick stuff has been coming out of their blasters though.

  6. how many packs is it? 24? So it’s $20 a blaster at walmart for 7 packs. So you can buy 7 boxes (I’m saying if I can get the dealer at a hobby store down to $140) with 7 packs each. That’s 49 packs. Sure the insert ratio is not going to be as good, but that’s still a lot more packs. I think this set is crap anyway. It’s not good for set collectors and most of the inserts are pretty bad.

  7. A box of Spectrum is definitely not worth $150. I have purchased some ’08 Spectrum cards of players that I like on Ebay and I have noticed that the top layer of the cards tend to flake off. This happened for two different cards from two different sellers. I’m not impressed. I’d definitely recommend getting a box of Finest instead. It’s hard to believe that Finest and Spectrum are in the same price range!

  8. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I think I will get a couple of blasters in hopes of pulling the Miller (he was left out of Finest) and then hope to get a box of Finest before it sells out.

  9. I don’t know what UD’s problem is with foil this year. I opened a retail blaster of UD 1, and got about 15 out of 20 starquest cards with the foil either gone or peeling off. I don’t think they care anymore. UD and Topps got Donruss & Leaf out of the way, now they can do whatever the hell they want. And if you collect baseball, you have no choice. 😦

  10. UD’s collation sucks, i busted a blaster and got starquest doubles in it! 14 cards and 2 are doubles that sucks UD, I guess Beckett probably got my ultra-rares. I opened a 99 UD choice box and got the complete set of starquest without a single double, what has the hobby come too?

  11. The “celebrity” autos are hilarious… the drummer, bassist for Warrant, Cinderella, Skid Row, etc (and those are the better known bands)… aimed squarely at the 31-32 yr old white male demographic

  12. You guys didn’t hear that UD bought out all of the foil at Rag Shop when they went out of business up here in NJ. Expect a 2008 tin foil santa insert in UD football this year. WHAT A JOKE! These cards are so ugly it’s not even funny.

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