My “white whale” has surfaced…

Last week I wrote about my “white whale” of collecting, as far as my Andrew Miller collection goes. For months I have been trying to purchase a 2007 Topps Finest Black Refractor Autograph #’d to 99 with absolutely no luck. It’s hard to imagine the card not being found considering that it in today’s market, 99 copies is a lot. I once saw a user in the gutter of message boards, Beckett Media flash a copy but back then I had no idea who Miller was and could not have cared less.

Well, today I am a big Andrew Miller supporter, maybe one of the biggest and it’s the one card I feel my collection is missing. I have seen rarer cards and own many low-numbered autographs but nothing like that classy Black Finest. Well, the #1 Andrew Miller Super Collector sent me an e-mail a couple of days ago and included a special scan of a certain baseball card he owns. Have a look at my White Whale of collecting.

As far as I am concerned, two are not for the taking, 97 others are available and I will find myself a copy if it’s the last thing I do! Oh, he also owns the X-Fractor as well but the Black one is the one I am after. He has also seen the 2007 Finest Superfractor Autograph 1/1 on eBay but the seller wanted $1,000 for it and it did not sell. I told my friend Jason, owner of the Black & X-Fractor that if that card ever reappears, it’s going to be one hell of a bidding war! Jason, thanks for sending the scan and congrats on your awesome Andrew Miller collection. Despite Miller’s poor start, I still see Andrew winning 13-15 games in 2008.



  1. That’s just silly. You would think at least 1 of the 97 would show up on ebay. Although, several of them remain in unopened boxes I’m sure. It’s funny. Every once in a while I think about all of the un-opened boxes for sale on ebay, at card shows, on hobby shelves, and I wonder, how many superfractor 1/1’s, cut auto 1/1’s, and other ridiculously high-end cards are sitting out there un-opened in packs and boxes?? And why aren’t they ever in the boxes I open? 🙂

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