Take the Trading Card Quiz!

A big thanks to Michael for finding this link!

Just how much do you know about sports cards? Well, click here to take the test! I scored a pathetic 8/20 for a 40% score. I have a feeling Chris Harris of Stale Gum, Steve of White Sox Cards, and Dayf of Cardboard Junkie are going to ace it.



  1. Hey Mario I didn’t do much better I scored 35%.
    But on a better note I scored 12-14 on the WWF action figures so I guess thats an 80%?
    I’m feeling about 85% and doing much better.

  2. 60% for me.

    In college, that would be a D, but for my middle school students, that’s an F all the way. I know nothing about basketball, but I do know my late 80’s/early 90’s baseball cards.

  3. Yeah, I recommended this to you, Mario, but I only pulled off 40% myself.

    It’s a fun challenge though.

  4. Wouldn’t the answer to the trick question be that all the right answers are still all wrong because cards are never worth book value anyways?

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