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20 04 2008

A big thanks to Michael for finding this link!

Just how much do you know about sports cards? Well, click here to take the test! I scored a pathetic 8/20 for a 40% score. I have a feeling Chris Harris of Stale Gum, Steve of White Sox Cards, and Dayf of Cardboard Junkie are going to ace it.




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20 04 2008
Paul R.Destralo/DDoubleplay Sports

Hey Mario I didn’t do much better I scored 35%.
But on a better note I scored 12-14 on the WWF action figures so I guess thats an 80%?
I’m feeling about 85% and doing much better.

20 04 2008
Mario A.

I’m going to get me one of those 80’s WWF sets once I finish the Marvel Masterpieces. I loved those!

20 04 2008

I got 10 of 20 right, and it was sad to see the Laettner card worth 60 cents.

20 04 2008

60% for me.

In college, that would be a D, but for my middle school students, that’s an F all the way. I know nothing about basketball, but I do know my late 80’s/early 90’s baseball cards.

20 04 2008

50% yeaaaaay!!!!

20 04 2008

I got 60%, funny thing is I got all the basketball right except for one.

20 04 2008


20 04 2008

60% but should have gotten 65%. The correct answer for the Christian Laettner rookie card is ZERO.

20 04 2008
Michael Joseph

Yeah, I recommended this to you, Mario, but I only pulled off 40% myself.

It’s a fun challenge though.

20 04 2008

Pulled an 80% as I have no clue about basketball and got the Schmidt RC incorrect.

20 04 2008

Wouldn’t the answer to the trick question be that all the right answers are still all wrong because cards are never worth book value anyways?

21 04 2008

i got a 40% to bad none of those cards sell for that much that often

21 04 2008

I got 40% too… bah I was the sucker who paid too much for these things in the early 90’s

21 04 2008

45%, come on $50 for the Molitor and Trammel?

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