Mutant Freak of the Day

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See, this is exactly why Marvel Masterpieces made such an impact on me as a 12-year old. Throughout my short time as a comic fan I was made to believe that the Incredible Hulk was some big dummy with muscles. In the cartoons and even the old 80’s show he was really not that intimidating to me.

Now, take a look at the card below. That’s got to be the scariest the Hulk has EVER looked. Check out the awesome detail in the background with the “nucular” cloud explosion and Bruce Banner in a throwback to the first issue of the Hulk. I believe this painting can be classified better under art instead of just a comic painting. It’s too bad that Ang Lee killed the Hulk movie in 2003 but with Edward Norton set to play the Hulk this year, we could see a whole new Marvel movie franchise about to take off.


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