The card every Canseco fan was ashamed of

I can remember back like it was yesterday. The year was 1991, March 7th and my little league game had just ended. I was a bench warmer playing for the Florida Tigers when I was put into the line-up in the 9th inning, perhaps out of pity since it was my birthday and I spent the entire game drinking Gatorade. The game was tied and there was a kid on third. All I had to do was get a hit and we’d win the game but the way I played that year made all the other teams move in on the field every time I came to bat. Little Mario Alejandro never got any respect and shocked both teams when he took that 40 MPH pitch over the center fielder’s head for a double and the game-winning hit. For once and trust me, only once—I was a baseball hero like my idol Jose Canseco.

When I got home I found a surprise party for me. My best gift that day was a box of 1991 Score, the first full box of Wax I would open for many years to come. On top of my baseball-themed cake was a 1991 Score Dream Team Jose Canseco. Yes, the shirtless black & white card. I will be honest with you guys, I didn’t like the card. I didn’t understand why he was not wearing a shirt and why he was on the beach instead of pictured crushing a ball off Frank Viola or someone. Remember, I had just turned eleven. The truth is that the entire insert set was a bit fishy. If it wasn’t for the possibly naked Ricky Henderson card there was also a horrible Kirby Puckett showing off his “Man Boobs”.

It’s been close to twenty years since that card went live and both Jose Canseco and Score are nothing more than memories in 2008. I am also thinking that maybe I misjudged this set. After all, they got the Griffey Jr. & Boggs card right and in today’s market no one ever tries anything different. I am thankful Score decided to think outside the box. Upper Deck and Topps should follow their example instead of trying to fool collectors with idiotic gimmicks and a thousand and one 1 of 1 cards per release.


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