Mutant Freak of the Day

Previous Mutants: Ghost Rider, Thanos

See, this is one of the few Marvel Masterpieces I don’t like. It’s just way too over the top for me, especially the whole “Rainbow in Space” theme going on. I won’t lie, unlike Thanos and Ghost Rider I don’t know Jack about Thor except that he was in an AWESOME cameo in an 80’s cult classic (to me) and very much guilty pleasure of a film called ‘Adventures in Babysitting’. If you think you might recognize the actor portraying Thor it’s probably cause you remember him from some Kubrick mind fu** called ‘Full Metal Jacket.

Yeah, this card has to go…



  1. Or because he’s on Law and Order: Criminal Intent every week…or because he was the bad guy in the first Men in Black…

    Yeah, this card bugged me when I had it as a kid, too, but then Thor always kinda bugged me for some unknown reason. Must be the rainbow.

  2. Since you don’t know about Thor, here’s where the rainbow comes in: Thor, while a comic book, was grounded in actual Norse mythology. The rainbow pictures is called Bifröst which connected Midgard, the world of the humans, to Asgard (pictured as the golden city in the card), the world of the gods. So don’t blame Marvel for the space rainbow, blame vikings in the 12th century.

  3. I am officially holding 12th century vikings responsible for any and all space rainbows from now on. Gotta love mythology.

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