E:60 is a joke

I already have issues with ESPN (Sportscenter=worst show ever) but this 60 Minutes rip-off show is a joke. If Miguel Tejada is eventually proven to be a cheater that is one thing but to have him come on camera and then be bombarded the way he was is absolutely shameless. It’s not like the man lied to not pay taxes or something ridiculous. He was living in poverty in the Dominican Republic and wanted to do whatever he could to get out. Some men & women in those situations turn to a life of crime, drugs, and worse. Instead of following that path, Miguel chose to play baseball. Is he the most honest, sincere man in the world? Hell no. Did he deserve to be humiliated the way he was? Absolutely not!

I have followed Miguel’s career since his early days and never once got attached to him in any way.  Come to think of it, I never much liked him at all but thanks to ESPN and I am starting to take his side for once. He is an athelete who does not go out and fight dogs till their death, drive through the streets drunk, rape/hit women. He is just a baseball player. Leave him alone or at least out him in a different way.



  1. You know…I heard that he admitted his real age on Friday.

    I heard that it had something to do with ESPN pulling out a birth certificate.

    I had no idea that they fucking pounced on him, and apparently made it the POINT of the interview segment.

    This was completely uncool, and really should not have been brought out in an interview segment such as this.

    Should it have been news? Probably. Should it have been handled this way? Absolutely not.

    Would it have gone down this way if Tejada wasn’t in the Mitchell Report and wasn’t possibly being investigated by the government for perjury?

    You bet your ass it wouldn’t have been.

    Screw you, ESPN.

  2. Agreed! I felt really bad for Tejada watching this earlier this morning on ESPN. He lied about his age, BFD. He was a poor kid who wanted to get ahead in life. Good for him.

  3. I completely agree man. That was a joke. I haven’t been his biggest fan since he got implicated on the Mitchell Report, but this is ridiculous. You hit the nail on the head.

  4. Are these people actually proud that they did something like this?
    I don’t know anything about Miguel, aside that his name was on the Mitchell Report, but like Mario said. If he used steroids then whatever, but what does his age have to do with anything?
    I’m sure this white little host knows nothing of poverty or what it was like living in a country where people are scared to walk out their fucking front door.
    Let me ask you something, ESPN, would you have preferred that Tejada turned into a murderous junkie? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So, back the hell up.
    Jesus, read the news and see how DR is, and then put yourself in this guy’s god damn shoes. UGH! People are ridiculous!
    Excuse the rant.

    ESPN, now officially on my shit list. >:'(

  5. Come on, you reap what you sew. If you don’t want something like this to come out, then don’t lie about your age. This is what journalism is all about. To expose lies. I agree with the interviewer, it is a big deal. Do you think that the Astros would have given up so much if they knew they were getting a 34 year old instead of a 32 year old. I don’t think they would have. This happened to Frucal and it’ll happen to many more people. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  6. I have no problem with investigative reporting. I think it’s important. And I think it’s important that this information came out (and I’m an Astros fan who was and still is happy that we traded for Tejada). But I think the way ESPN handled it, by bringing Tejada into the studio obviously under the assumption that it would be an interview of a totally different sort and dropping this on him to get some sort of “reaction shot,” was just uncalled for. They could have released a “breaking news” story about it, done some sort of slick package about how they uncovered it, gone to him upfront about it and asked for his comments, and after he admitted it to the team, he probably would have been willing to give his side of the story about growing up in the DR and what he had to do to make it as a ball player. Now they’ve pretty much killed that possibility for 30 seconds of footage of him being pissed and walking out. Really weak.

  7. Damn Mario are you crazy?!?!!?
    Sportcenter greatest show of all time when it comes to sports.
    Matter of fact ESPN is the best of all time sport channel.
    Name a better show or a better channel for sports.

  8. Name a bigger group of asshats who, for the last 10 years, care more about breaking stories and slick production values than they do about the sports they cover. They produced a biopic about Barry Bonds for christ sake!! After they knew the entire country already hated him and knew he was a friggin liar.

  9. how great was it when he gave him the birth certificate and Tejada was holding it like it was dog poop. FYI baseball-reference already updated their site to reflect he is really 34.

  10. Did you catch Baseball Tonight, and former GM Steve Phillips reaction to Tejada’s real age coming out? It was more of a non-reaction, and he told a story from back in the day of a player with the Mets at the time (the player’s name escapes me) who was older than he said, and when it came out, they got him like four birthday cakes. If a former GM says it’s not a big deal, then it is not a big deal. I liked the idea of E:60, but yeah… it is pretty much a sad joke with a bad gimmick at this point. I won’t be watching after this stunt. What they did is still wrong even if the age thing was a serious issue.

  11. ESPN is just desperate to turn E:60 into a serious, legitimate news show (at least in the mind of viewers). One of the quickest ways to do this is to “uncover” a big secret about someone. But what they did by surprising him on the set was classless. He is a baseball player, not a doctor or a teacher. In the grand sceme of things, he is an entertainer, not someone who is saving lives or working everyday with kids.

    If they really wanted to do the story, they should have told Tejada they were doing the story ahead of time and asked for an interview about it, not ambushed him the way they did. That way, they still “break their story”, but don’t embarrass someone. They way they confronted him, they knew he was going to walk off the set, and thats what they wanted, because it gives them a great teaser commercial for the show.

    Now as far as the lie about his age is concerned, I do think it is a big deal. If you’re going to sign a player to a multi-year contract, there is a big difference if you are signing him where his last contract year is 35 rather than 37 (I don’t know how long he was signed, so these are just example numbers). However, the only people that should be concerned about that are the team’s ownership and management, not the public.

    Shame on ESPN.

  12. Screw this whole Tejada age thing the man is still a baller no matter how old he is… leave the man alone espn. I tell ya though there is nothing that warms my heart more to see super nerds hurling keyboards at eachother….. being a lacrosse player it hurts to only see coverage about lacrosse during the ncaa’s(on espn) or god forbid somebody allegedly gets raped…. but I’m really glad I got to see qwerty get smashed into someones face!

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