$300 for a Jose Canseco autograph?

19 04 2008

Wow, and here I thought Jose was hated among many of today’s collectors. It’s clear that Jose Canseco is as popular today as he was in the late 80’s and early 90’s, maybe even more so! This card is a 2004 Topps and features another player who I can’t make out but it’s obvious it’s the original “40-40 Man” that is the one driving up the prices of this autograph #’d to 13. It’s currently got over 15 bids and stands at $250+ with over a day left in the auction.

Also, on a completely unrelated subject, tonight the Marlins are playing the bottom-dwelling Washington Nationals and Wax Heaven is going to be there with camera in hand. Stay tuned for lots of photos of Ryan Zimmerman, Austin Kearns, the Infamous Tatiana in her Astros’s cap, and many of the Marlins players, including our own superstar, Dan Uggla.




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19 04 2008

I saw this like 10 days ago and thought maybe i’ll wager a bid, it showed up today in my items ending soon, and i was floored. Could it hit $500? i think it might.

19 04 2008

I had a good feeling about Uggla breaking out tonight so i went to the numbers!!

vs Washington 17 4 1 .316 .588 .235
vs Hill (Career) 11 1 1 .364 .091 .091
vs RHP 41 9 2 .273 .439 .220

He has one hit off of Hill BUT its a homerun..
I say Damn the numbers tonight is the night!!

20 04 2008

im ready to put the Uggla slump to bed..Nice Game for Jake and Uggs…

20 04 2008

the other guy is Arod so I would say that some serious Arod collectors will be chasing it as well as a Canseco collector or 2.

20 04 2008
Mario A.

Arod who? Never heard of him! 😉

20 04 2008

People keep talking about this Arod fellow. Is he a young prospect or something??

21 04 2008

the card is so ironic.. gotta love Topps

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