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Thanos is one of the coolest-looking comic book characters of all-time in my opinion. The Marvel Masterpiece card from the set that I purchased doesn’t do him any justice, though. It almost looks like he just ripped a big one. For me, I fell in love with Thanos after seeing this amazing cover as a 13-year old comic collector. Unfortunately, at more than $20 in Wizard price guide, it was well above my means and it took me over 20 years to finally pick one up for under $5. It proudly hung on my wall up until a few years ago when I met Tatiana, fell in love and then it mysteriously vanished, along with my back issues of Blender magazine. Hmm… that I think about it, no couldn’t be.

Well, it’s a great thing I never bothered to read the comic with the amazing cover otherwise I might have been tempted to buy issue #2. Had I seen that cover as a kid, I might never have respected Thanos again. Thankfully, I just saw it for the first time ever so Thanos is the second Mutant to be featured at Wax Heaven, a blog about sports cards.

Go figure…


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  1. Thanos rocked. That issue of Spider-Man where Thanos killed all of the Marvel heros was one of my favorite as a kid.

    By the way, if you are missing a couple singles in the Marvel Masterpieces set, drop me an e-mail. I think I have some doubles stashed away (I managed to build 2 complete sets).

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