Is Dan Uggla’s career in jeopardy?

I can understand why big super stars like Albert Pujols & Alex Rodriguez might not be the friendliest guys on the planet to the media. I mean, they are written badly about each time they have a slump, don’t come through in the clutch, or just aren’t in the best of moods. As bad as that kind of attention can be (I can only imagine) what about getting pity from the media? Which one is worse?

Dan Uggla is an awesome baseball player. He may not have the size, good looks, or even a cool name but his numbers don’t lie. In his first season he hit 27 home runs and last season he hit 31. The guy is a true slugger with more power than Hanley Ramirez so why does it seem like he is being insulted in this article from the Florida Marlins website? I know it mentions the same thing was done with Miguel Cabrera last year but something is just off about this particular article. So while it is true the guy is off to a terrible start hitting well below the “Mendoza Line”, we Marlins fans know what to expect from Uggla. It’s time they take this guy off the bench and just let him do his thing. His thing being hit 30 home runs, drive in 80 runners, and score 100+ runs.

You know, I could just be overreacting…



  1. “It’s time they take this guy off the bench and just let him do his thing”

    He got a day off whats the big deal? He is my favorite player in baseball, but if there is one thing that is a given..he will strike out 90% of the time Vs. Smoltz. Smoltz throws that slider that breaks out of the zone and that breaking pitch down and away is Ugglas “WHITE WHALE” he can’t get/hit it!! Good day off Freddi

  2. Thank you for this. Uggla may strike out a lot but he’s a lot better than last year and the man is a power hitter who’s not afraid of the ball. And you know what I disagree with you the man has a cool name and is hot.

  3. Uggla has played in 14 games with 56 ABs
    Hanley has played in 15 games with 59 ABs

    Uggla has been in there full time this year minus a day off.

    “Is Dan Uggla’s career in jeopardy? ”
    A day off is far from your title..Love ya but you didnt look to far inside of this one..

    Treanor and Rabelo will switch in and out all year untill one gets hurt

  4. Fake, sorry I am just a bit excitable when it comes to baseball. If Jacobs hits another one tonight I might end up predicting he will hit 74 when all is said and done.

  5. Something told me he wasnt going to stop by to defend hiself so i did it for him..
    and as far as Jake goes IF he hits 50 HRs ill put on a bikini and post it on your site!! LOL

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