A.A.F has a short but storied history with Wax Heaven. Out of the blue one night he decided to send me out a couple of cards that pretty much took my Andrew Miller collection from average to one of the best. A few weeks later he made a bet with us and won. Funny, cause as a loser I don’t feel much like one. Maybe it’s because it’s Tatiana who suffers this crushing defeat. Not only is she stuck wearing an Astros hat on her own blog, but she has to have one on at Wax Heaven. Also, it doesn’t end there. In the next game we attend, she will be wearing the Astros hat all 9 innings. That should come this weekend versus Washington.

Well, even though we “lost” A.A.F still felt the need to send a few Marlins cards as a nice gesture. Of course, he is known for going above and beyond so here we go again! As always, thanks a million, A.A.F! I never once thought that if I created a baseball card blog I would be inundated with free cards. I simply did it because it was something I loved doing and hell, if I couldn’t always bust the high-end stuff, at least I could write about it. Truth is, every card I have ever gotten is kept in my personal collection but every letter I have ever recieved goes with me everywhere I go inside of my briefcase along with my latest issue of Beckett. I am a collector till the day I die and having this feedback from readers is truly a dream come true. Thanks to every single reader/fan of the site!

Oh, and I didn’t forget. Here’s is Tatiana’s miserable mug with the Astros hat. Feel free to save that one on your PC. ๐Ÿ˜‰

(No Marlins-loving Cuban girls were hurt in the making of this photo)