Where is she?

It’s been a good 6 months since I first laid eyes on you, my darling “F.B.R”. I know I shouldn’t obsess over you the way I have been but it’s hard not to. I go online every single day and night hoping to see your beautiful, black shinny face on one of the many networks you might lurk in but no luck. They tell me there are other fish in the sea, maybe even 99 of them but I don’t want to listen to them. To me, you are one of a kind, the one piece that I need to fulfill my collection, err…I mean—ah, fuck it!

You guys, why won’t the 2007 Finest Black Refractor #’d to 99 Autograph Andrew Miller show up on eBay? I see lower-numbered cards show up multiple times every single day but it seems that 98 of these cards are still in over-priced Hobby boxes of Finest around the U.S. I just want one, that is all. I have the regular version and might duke it out on eBay for the blue & green versions but I have still yet to see one black Refractor on eBay. Almost 7 months ago someone posted a photo of it on the Beckett Media Message Boards but that was before I collected Andrew so I ignored it. Fast forward a few months and that topic is long gone, as is the user. My chances of owing the card seems almost impossible now.

I can’t even find a damn photo of it for this post. How crazy is that? This is my “White Whale”. What is yours?



  1. I have the base(#’d of 36) and gold(#’d of 9) 2007 Topps Triple Threads “OAKLAND” Canseco cards, considering the biggest Canseco fan has the 1/1’s all I need the 27 and the 18, how come it always happens that way? get the more rare version, can’t find the easier version.

  2. 2007 Topps Triple Threads Andre Dawson any #. I have never seen one on ebay. I was in the same room with one of the gold #’d to 9 at the Chicago show last month. Unfortunately, someone bought it before I got there. I’ve never even seen what one looks like!!!

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