Mike Jacobs is about to blow up!!!

A few months ago you could have bought 10 Mike Jacobs autographs and game-used for pennies on the dollar. After all, by 27 it was fair to say that Jacobs, drafted by New York way back in 1999 had not accomplished much in three seasons in the bigs. His power numbers early in 2008 shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, after all in 2004 he hit 11 home runs in just 30 games for the Mets but he’s never been able to get in a full season. This year, playing full-time for the first place Florida Marlins Jacobs has been on a tear. In just 12 games Mike has 5 home runs, is hitting .320 and has somehow managed to overshadow the Cabrera-replacement and very hyped up Hanley Ramirez.

His rookie card, well one of his best ones has hit eBay and wouldn’t you know it, it’s got over 20 bids including one from yours truly, Mario Alejandro. So wish me luck, cause I’m about to enter a bidding war!


I won the card. šŸ™‚



  1. 30 bucks for a Mike Jacobs auto?? Holy crap! The Hanley Ramirez #’d to 659 only books for $20. Obviously Mike Jacobs is already blowing up!!

  2. Wait, wait, wait. 30 bucks? Maybe Mark Reynolds bid it and was hoping that this would spark some interest in his cards…oh wait!

  3. you paid 30 bucks for that card? I’ve got a little bridge i’d like to interest you in…….


  4. $30 bucks is nothing for something you want..
    Mario you take hits from all sides when ever you buy something on eBay.. Either the guys here or Tatiana LOL

  5. What if he stays hot and his 50 home runs? How much will I be able to sell it for then?

    I am happy with my purchase and it’s obvious that many people wanted the card judging by the amount of bids.

  6. He will never hit 50 homers.
    Stop being gassed by ths scrubs.
    Damn can i see a card of a star.
    PLEASE. Some one that i will like.

  7. wow, so you are the one who bought that. hope mine goes for that much too. if your interested, i got a willingham auto from the same set for sale. ebay is: rosschrisman2003

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