Well, it’s that time again. Heavenly Vixen series two is in the works and this time there is something REALLY big to go along with it. First of all, if you don’t remember or weren’t around, here are the series one scans. They were created, printed out, and given away for free to readers of Wax Heaven. Last season the print run was a bit scarce but this time around print run will be as follows: base (50), auto’s (10), lipstick auto (5) and for the first time ever there will be extra cards included.

Okay, this is where you the reader of Wax Heaven needs to contribute. We are creating a 5-card set based around the characters from the movie Major League. Since the film came out in 1989 the design will be from one of the ’89 main releases. YOU CHOOSE WHICH DESIGN! Fleer, Upper Deck, Topps, Score, etc. We are going to be using the DVD to pull the photos so don’t expect some lousy picture from Google Images to be your card. It’s going to look like the real thing, minus any logos to cover our butt.

Also, there will be a 5-card set around the 1994 sequel as well. Once again, you the reader gets to pick the design (no fancy stuff like Finest or SP). Along with picking the design, you also get to choose what 5 players are included in both sets. Here’s the catch, each person who makes a request for the Heavenly Vixen card will get a randomly inserted Major League baseball card with their Vixen. There will be entire sets put on eBay with a Buy It Now option of $7. The only reason for the price is because the set is going to cost me quite a bit of change to have designed & printed. So, free one free card to anyone who wants a Vixen but for you set-builders who might want the entire 10-card collection, you are looking at a whopping $10 fee. Not too bad, right?

Here is the official poll:

1. What 1989 release do you think the Major League set should be modeled after?

2. What 5 players should be included in the set?

3. What 1994 release do you think the Major League II set should be modeled after?

4. What 5 players should be included in the second set?


A. Should the two sets be placed on eBay for $7 or raffled off at $3 per ticket?



  1. Mario – Not to be a buzz kill, but while removing the logos may cover you from the MLB perspective, but I think that the studio would still have a claim. Not sure that they would come after you for it, since it’s not like you’re trying to sell mass quantities commercially, but you might want to keep that in mind.

  2. Brilliant idea!

    1. Topps, clearly the most baseball-esque set of the year, plus the team names are already in that same type of font as the film title. If that makes any sense.

    2. With only 6 player characters to focus on, someone loses out, but you have to go with Taylor, Vaughn, Dorn, Hayes, and Cerrano (sorry Harris, don’t mess with Jobu).

    3. I was out of the hobby at this point, but the base Fleer looks appropriate, although Topps would be a close second.

    4. It’s been awhile…Vaughn, Hayes, Cerrano, plus new guys Baker and Tanaka?

    Bonus: Go with the ‘Bay, I hate losing raffles.

  3. 1.) 1989 Donruss – classic 80’s rainbow design

    2.) Rick Vaughn
    Jake Taylor
    Roger Dorn
    Pedro Cerrano
    Willie Mays Hays
    Honorable Mentions
    Eddie Harris – for his snot ball
    Harry Doyle – c’mon, it’s Bob friggin Uecker

    3.) 1994 Upper Deck

    4.) Rube Baker
    Isuro Tanaka – Big Balls
    Lou Brown – You gotta have a manager card
    Rick Vaughn – In a suit, ala Dice-K
    Willie Mays Hays – Just cause it’s Omar Epps

    5.) ebay – I hate losing raffles!!

  4. Upper Deck for both, and im only going to vote for Jobu and WMHayes..

    eBay them up ill buy!! NO RAFFLE

  5. Tony’s right. This could be a legal mess. Would they come after you for it? Probably not, but people have been sued by studios for less. Not only do you have issues of using “Major League” as a property owned by the studio or whoever holds the rights to it now, but you’d also be using the likenesses of the actors. If you were doing this for free, it might be a different issue, but the fact that you’re making money off of it could be an issue. Like tony, I’m not trying to be a buzz kill. I think it’s a great idea, but just trying to point out some ramifications that could happen.

  6. Good point, Russ. This is definately no scheme to get money though. The printing is taken care of but I want to make sure JBel4331 gets some nice rewards for his awesome work.

    I think I can get it all done before the studio even knows what we are up to, though. It’s worth a shot and if anything, the cards will be free in giveaway.

    I can’t be stopped. 🙂

  7. remember how they took clothes off of a cut out of the hot owner lady?? that would make a pretty cool card. I forget which guy pulls they silver pieces off of the cut out.

  8. Oh and for my decisions:

    1) 89 UD
    2) Willie Mays Hayes
    Pedro Cerrano
    Rick Vaughn
    Roger Dorn
    Jake Taylor
    3) 1994 Fleer (or 1994 Topps ’54 Archives)
    4)Isuro Tanaka
    Harry Doyle ( I don’t care that he’s not a player)
    Lou Brown
    Rube Baker
    Jesse Ventura as “White Lightning”

  9. My votes:

    1. 1989 Topps

    2. Jake Taylor, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, Willie Mays Hayes, Roger Dorn, Pedro Cerrano

    3. 1994 Topps

    4. Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, Willie Mays Hayes, Pedro Cerrano, Isuro Tanaka, Rube Baker

    A. Ebay

  10. 1) ’89 Fleer and give Dorn a F***face.

    2) Eddie Harris
    Clue Haywood
    Roger Dorn
    Lou Brown
    Wild Thing/Willie Mays Hayes Rookie stars card

    3) ’94 Score

    4) Jake Taylor
    Pedro Cerrano
    Isuro Tanaka
    Harry Doyle
    Rube Baker in the style of the A-Rod Score Rookie/Traded card.

    eBay might pull the auction, do donations instead.

  11. Well, if you are going to go ahead, I can’t argue with the players selected by others, but I’d like to see Lou Brown part of the initial set–and include a class quote on the back of each.

    “Uh-oh, Rexie, I don’t think this one’s got the distance.”

    “The post-game show is brought to you by… Christ, I can’t find it. To hell with it.”

    “You trying to say Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?”

    “Let me get back to you, will ya, Charlie? I got a guy on the other line asking about some white walls.”

  12. Feeling much better Mario.
    I guess my pick would be the 1989 Upper Deck set being it set me back about $50.00 and changed the hobby with high end cards forever.
    Ok here is my line-up LMFAO!

    1)Ultimate Warrior
    2)Hulk Hogan
    3)The Bushwhackers
    4)King Kong Bundy
    5)Brother Love

  13. 1) ‘89 Fleer or Donruss

    2) Jake Taylor
    Clue Haywood
    Roger Dorn
    Wild Thing Vaughn

    3) ‘94 Score

    4) Eddie Harris
    Pedro Cerrano
    Isuro Tanaka
    Harry Doyle
    Rube Baker Rookie

  14. Hey guys, thanks for all the votes. Keep ’em coming.
    Just spoke with the card designer and he has run into a little trouble with Upper Deck in the past so we are going to stay away from their products and likeness.

    Donruss, Fleer, and Topps is still open, though. The print run on the Vixen cards will be high but there will only be 12 Major League master sets (10 cards) and two sets for for breaking up and including into the Vixen pack.

    Plus, there might be a bonus 1/1 of the club owner in her showgirls outfit. Photos will be coming this weekend and you guys get to decide which ones work.

  15. “Plus, there might be a bonus 1/1 of the club owner in her showgirls outfit.”

    i like it

  16. Hey how about this guy 1989 Upper Deck Dodgers Pitcher Brian Holton Error card #72.
    The error is that there’s the wrong person on the fronts of some Upper Deck cards.
    See Pictures.

  17. 1) 1989 Donruss
    2) Vaughn “Rated Rookie”, Hayes “Rated Rookie”, Cerrano, Dorn, Taylor
    3) 1994 Stadium Club
    4) Tanaka, Baker, Cerrano, Vaughn, Hayes
    5) eBay

    Dang, I really wanna see these movies again now.

  18. 89 Donruss:
    Rated Rookies: Vaughn, Hayes, and Cerrano
    MVP: Dorn (all though I like the Billy Ripken 89 Fleer idea)
    Diamond King: Taylor: small picture of Jake calling his shot against the Yankees

    94 Topps:
    Rookie Cup: Vaughn and Cerrano ( two notes: 1. I know the sets are 6 years apart but Major League 2 takes place the season after Major League, hence Vaughn and Cerrano will be in their sophomore seasons. 2. No Willie Mays Hayes card, since Omar Epps took Wesley Snipes place)

    Duel Managers card: Lou Brown and Jake Taylor
    Prospects: Rube
    Rated Rookie: Takana

  19. I’m sticking with my 89 Donruss Selection but I’m changing from 94 Topps to 90 Score for the ML 2 cards:
    Draft Pick – Rube
    Rookie – Takana (use a “no marbles” pic)
    Dream Team – Cerrano
    Highlights – Jake Taylor squeeze play to win the AL East in 89 season
    Wild Thing Card (like the famous Bo Jackson card from this set)- Black and White of Vaugh on the front either coming in from the pin with the leather jacket, or glaring at a batter with the skull and crossbone glasses, on the back of the card simply write Wild Thing.

    Keep us posted on the winner.

    have you heard the Canseco segment on Page 2 of espn.com? It’s free under on their burning questions pod-cast. It’s pretty interesting, we get to hear about roids, Canseco for Comish, and a synopsis of his third book (I’d like you to post your thoughts about this third book which Canseco is going to write). Enjoy.

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