Well, it’s that time again. Heavenly Vixen series two is in the works and this time there is something REALLY big to go along with it. First of all, if you don’t remember or weren’t around, here are the series one scans. They were created, printed out, and given away for free to readers of Wax Heaven. Last season the print run was a bit scarce but this time around print run will be as follows: base (50), auto’s (10), lipstick auto (5) and for the first time ever there will be extra cards included.

Okay, this is where you the reader of Wax Heaven needs to contribute. We are creating a 5-card set based around the characters from the movie Major League. Since the film came out in 1989 the design will be from one of the ’89 main releases. YOU CHOOSE WHICH DESIGN! Fleer, Upper Deck, Topps, Score, etc. We are going to be using the DVD to pull the photos so don’t expect some lousy picture from Google Images to be your card. It’s going to look like the real thing, minus any logos to cover our butt.

Also, there will be a 5-card set around the 1994 sequel as well. Once again, you the reader gets to pick the design (no fancy stuff like Finest or SP). Along with picking the design, you also get to choose what 5 players are included in both sets. Here’s the catch, each person who makes a request for the Heavenly Vixen card will get a randomly inserted Major League baseball card with their Vixen. There will be entire sets put on eBay with a Buy It Now option of $7. The only reason for the price is because the set is going to cost me quite a bit of change to have designed & printed. So, free one free card to anyone who wants a Vixen but for you set-builders who might want the entire 10-card collection, you are looking at a whopping $10 fee. Not too bad, right?

Here is the official poll:

1. What 1989 release do you think the Major League set should be modeled after?

2. What 5 players should be included in the set?

3. What 1994 release do you think the Major League II set should be modeled after?

4. What 5 players should be included in the second set?


A. Should the two sets be placed on eBay for $7 or raffled off at $3 per ticket?