JBel4331 comes through for Wax Heaven!

JBel4331 felt absolutely terrible that some of the request for custom Allen & Ginter cards were not able to be used so he put in some overtime and came out with even more custom cards. To clear up any confusion: JBel4331 would have done these cards for absolutely nothing in return and it was my choice to offer up free cards of his Red Sox team.

For the next set I know it’s going to take a lot of work and creativity on his part so it is my choice to offer up some seriously nice autographs as payment for the work. The man is incredibly talented and deserves some serious props for his work at Wax Heaven.



  1. That Andre Dawson sure was a scary man. Can you imagine pitching to a man staring back at you with such a scowl.

  2. Mario, you freakin rock hard!!!
    Mad props to Jbel for putting in the extra work!!
    I was so disappointed when the pic I sent didn’t work out. So, what does Jbel do?? He finds a better pic!! That card is going to be the centerpiece of my ever-growing Dawson collection. And, it’s my first ever 1/1 🙂

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