Custom A & G cards have arrived

15 04 2008

I just got back the batch of custom cards made by JBel4331. Unfortunately, out of the 10 requests made by readers of Wax Heaven, only 6 photographs were suitable to be used for the set. Next time custom card orders are taken I will ensure there is enough time to make sure everyone’s request is completed. The cards that didn’t make the cut were a Gene Hackman, Andre Dawson, Frank Thomas, and custom photo of “Jbob” Hartigan. I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart for those left out. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even make a request for my favorite Jose Canseco or Andrew Miller photo.

There is a huge deal being worked out for a custom set of professional-looking cards made from the characters of Major League. I am looking at a 7-issue set from the 1989 original and a 7-issue set from the 1994 sequel. In a few hours there is going to be a poll started for what characters to include and sets the cards should be modeled after. I don’t care if you are a lurker, we will need all readers out of the shadows for this one time only event. These cards are going to be printed out when completed and will either be raffled off at $1 a ticket or sold off for donations of $5 per set. The only reason it’s going to cost money is because I will have to purchase the card maker’s favorite player’s autograph from eBay to keep him happy.

As far as the custom Allen & Ginters, I hope you enjoy!

Former Florida Marlin and college coach, Greg Brown

Jose Canseco in his swan song at Montreal

“Fake Horse Muffins”

Derek Jeter for the Infamous one…

Austin Kearns, don’t know why šŸ˜‰





12 responses

15 04 2008

They look awesome – Especially the Canseco!

15 04 2008

Count me in.
From the 89 version:
Jake Taylor
Roger Dorn
Rick Vaughn
Lou Brown
Willie Mays Hayes
Eddie Harris
Pedro Cerrano
Clue Haywood

From 1994 version:
In addition to those listed above
Rube Baker
Isuro Tanaka
Jack Parkman
Johnny (Randy Quaid)

Just a few suggestions

15 04 2008

The Jeter is awesome!

15 04 2008
The Infamous Tatiana

It’s beautiful. The Infamous One is pleased. šŸ™‚

15 04 2008
Mario A.

Awesome suggestions, Mike. That poll is coming soon.
You will get to vote on the player, what set to make it for, etc.

15 04 2008

Mario, I know you just posted about Andruw Jones, but c’mon, AndreW Dawson. Talk about adding insult to injury šŸ™‚

15 04 2008
Mario A.

Ahhh! I think I was thinking of Andrew Miller.

15 04 2008
Greg Brown

I am honored.

15 04 2008

These look great! Thanks so much for offering these up. My puppy looks so good!

15 04 2008

Why is Austin trying to catch a smiley face? To make Joe happy!
Thanks JBel4331 for the great looking card.

15 04 2008

That Canseco, if SICK! I love it. These are some seriously nice, nice, cards, thanks to Mario and JBel.

P.S. That Jeter is poetic, nice IT.

15 04 2008

God im pretty!!!!!!

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