Maybe I’m not such an idiot?

The other night I was so ecstatic after another Florida Marlins win that I decided to start collecting the Fish. I pulled out my only remaining trade bait, a 2008 Moments & Milestones Clay Buchholz autograph and asked the readers of Wax Heaven to make me their best offer. Within just a few hours I had people emailing me with their Josh Willingham SP Authentic By The Letters, Dan Uggla Upper Exquisite autographs, and Jeremy Hermida 4-patch game-used/auto’s. The cards were awesome and just as I was about to pull one hell of a trade, I found a card that I knew the Infamous Tatiana had wanted just before she had her heart broken by Derek Jeter. It was a 2008 Upper Deck Premier patch, the very same cards I trashed in the post just below this one. I must be insane, if not a hypocrite but I knew it made her happy.

To further sweeten the deal I went on eBay with the alloted funds I had and bought her two extra cards that I am certain will entice her to give collecting another shot. I added to her collection two Bowman’s Best cards I know she will enjoy. Both are early cards of Jeter (’96 & ’97) and both are Atomic Refractors. Now, tell me you wouldn’t want these in your collection if you were a Jeter fan!

The truth is that Wax Heaven has consumed my life. I have become obsessed with breaking every news story, posting every new preview, and writing as many post as humanly possible and along the way, I began to neglect my wife & son without even realizing it. I don’t think I did it because I am a bad person but more because I love competition. The point is that I have to cut back something and I have decided that when this Tuesday rolls around and I send out the 4-5 packages from trades I completed, I am officially retired from trading. It will save me 5-10 hours per week and most of all, might save my family life as well. I was recently contacted by someone at the Boston Herald because of a post I did about “Blogger Burnout” and they did a short interview which should appear online soon. When it arrives, I will post a link. The questions, along with the dialogue exchanged with the journalist really opened my eyes. Baseball cards are awesome, but having someone to share my hobby with is even more important.



  1. Yes. Take care of the wife first. Our cards are fun, but they’re a hobby, and our lives take first precedent. The cards will always be here when you have time. If you don’t make time for the wife…she might not be.

    So take care of her first. 😀

  2. Good luck finding time for everything. I know that I speak for many when I say that I look forward to your blog daily (and sometimes more than once a day). It’s hard to be writing about a hobby that changes so drastically, and so quickly. I know that I have ran the gambit of trying to find time for family/work/fun (and continue to). Trust me when I tell you that your fans on this site will continue to follow you regardless of how many times you post. Keep the infamous one happy and of course your young collector. They are far more important than any piece of cardboard. Looking forward to future blogs, and I’m always here if you need any help. Talk to you soon.

  3. I have a ton of fish stuff, but I am interested in the Willingham by the letter, see if we can work out a 3 way trade. I still owe you a Marlin game used, it’s going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

  4. Retired, Mike! I am not pulling a Jay Z. 🙂 Take your time with the Marlins G/U. There’s no rush.

    Brandon, thanks for the kind words. I actually sent you an email last week and never heard back from you. Unfortunate, as it turns out it went out at the very same time you guys had the email servers go offline. I hope it didn’t fall into the black hole of server death.

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