2008 Allen & Ginter preview!

14 04 2008

Just got home from work and found this. One of the hottest releases of 2007 is back.

Two autographs, relics, printing plates, or original A & G cards per box!!!

RIP cards one per case, 6 cards per pack (including a mini), 350 cards in the set

Click here to see the entire 2008 Allen & Ginter checklist.




8 responses

14 04 2008

This just made my day! Any word on a release date? Great work Mario!

14 04 2008


15 04 2008

Anyone eles think the HAIR cards are kinds strange? $$$$$$$ but strange

15 04 2008
Tony - The Football Card Blog

Just wait until they figure out how to clone humans–then those hair cards will really start to skyrocket.

15 04 2008


15 04 2008

I’m sure someone will put that Seth McClung state insert on eBay eventually, so I suppose I can avoid buying so much of this product too. 😉

15 04 2008

How busy were you last night posting all this stuff? No wonder you retired from trading. This set looks crazy cool. Joey Chestnut your my boy! I’m looking for the auto/bun relic Joey Chestnut.

8 04 2009

i love allen and ginter

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