When it’s all gone

The other day I received an email from reader Jason who posed an interesting question: What are the card companies going to do when all the bats from legends like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, and Roberto Clemente are gone? I mean think about it, there are only so many bats and game-used jerseys, not to mention autographs that card companies can chop up to pieces and insert into over-priced product. If you think about it, it has already begun. First there was game-used dirt, and now there are these horribly cheesy-looking fabricated patches in packs of extremely high-end ’08 Upper Deck Premier. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Authentic Stadium Seat” inserts in Heritage products. Won’t get fooled again…

It’s time for the big two card companies to start brain-storming because with over 30 products per year and with more and more 4+ patch cards being used, sooner or later the reserve will be empty and you will be stuck digging through Mickey Mantle’s old wardrobe and chopping up pieces of his ties and suits. That would be the low point in the hobby. Oh wait, it’s already happened!

So what’s your idea for saving the hobby from this never-ending slump? It doesn’t matter because it’s clear the card companies don’t care what we think. As long as poor saps keep buying those $300 packs with junk “hits” and $50 worth of cards they will make their money until, well…they go the way of Donruss & Fleer. That would be a travesty.

The card below is a Topps Sterling with 3 pieces of Mantle’s jersey and a photo of his neck that he signed God knows when. It’s going for $2,500. Or you could find a better card that doesn’t have the big name of Topps that has been signed and authenticated for $300+ with less than 8 hours left to bid. You be the judge.



  1. It’s past time for companies to start giving away sets again. Like the Gold Winners or maybe have 150 redemptions put into packs for a specially embossed set. Topps can afford a hundred or so sets to give away. Who would not buy an extra pack or two for a shot at a complete Upper Deck these days instead of opening 4 to 5 boxes.

  2. Maybe i’m stupid, ok i am but, i prefer to collect a set that doesn’t include G/U materials. Why? Pack searchers prevent me from buying anything besides over the internet, and most of the time i don’t want a whole box anyway. I like getting G/U cards but of specific players, check out Bad Hits if you’re not convinced.

  3. theres so much more material to exploit.

    how bout:

    2009 U.D. Premier RX

    Bowman Rookie Suspensions

    1/1 Auto GU Needle

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