Make me an offer I can’t refuse!

The Florida Marlins are in first place and now are leading Major League Baseball in home runs. I don’t think I have been so excited in a long, long time. I pulled out my Dan Uggla & Josh Willingham cards out of my commons box and now I want to start collecting Florida Marlins. At the moment I don’t have much trade bait so I am putting up for trade my Clay Buchholz ’07 Moments & Milestones autograph.

I want your Florida Marlins “hits” and base cards, preferably Hanley Ramirez,  Dan Uggla, Josh Willingham, Alexis Gomez, and Mark Hendrickson. The one that can offer the most cards will get this Clay, along with his ’08 Upper Deck & Topps base card.



  1. Don’t have any hits, but any Marlins I have…you’re welcome to them. *grumble*

    That game made me freaking SICK.

  2. Mario, you definitely do not want to collect Mark Hendrickson cards. I’m a Rays fan, so I know what to expect from him. He may have a few decent starts here and there, but when all is said and done, he’ll let you down much more often than he rewards you. I can’t imagine that the Marlins will have him in their long term plans.

    On the other hand, why isn’t Cameron Maybin on your list? He’ll be a great star someday, a real five tool player! I guess that means that he’ll be a Marlin until he’s eligible for arbitration and then he’ll get traded to a big market team. I got to see Maybin play live the other day for the Carolina Mudcats. He was very impressive. Their pitcher that day, Chris Volstad, is another prospect to keep your eye on…

  3. Hey in addition to my willingham letterman numberd 10 50 i got a dan uggla jersey card and a topps chrome vanden hurk chrome rookie and some hanley ramirez base cards and i love the sox!!

  4. willingham is from 2007 sp authentic ugggla 2007 artifacts others hurk 2007 topps chrome refractor other cards in 2007-20008

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