Andrew, don’t let Tatiana down!

You guys, the Anonymous Astros Fan has issued a challenge to Wax Heaven and we could not pass it up. If you don’t remember A.A.F, check out this post. Yes, we love him but this rivalry goes beyond baseball cards. This is about home team pride and our Florida Marlins can’t be stopped, won’t be stopped.

The deal is simple, if the Florida Marlins win tonight we get to hand-pick a Florida Marlins high-end baseball card from A.A.F’s sick inventory of cards. But if the Marlins get their butt kicked in and Houston wins—there is a Houston Astros hat coming in the mail for Tatiana to put on, be photographed in, and shamed in forever at Wax Heaven.

A.A.F, it’s on! So please Mr. Miller…come through for your fans and for the sake of Tatiana, who you were so nice to at the Marlins Fan Fest! Also, for some extra pressure, it’s almost guaranteed that if Andrew doesn’t have a great outing he is heading to the minors.




  1. She is not going to look near as cute in that ugly astros hat!! Andrew is off to one tough start, i dont think a month or 2 in AAA would be a bad idea to get his confidence back where it should be.

  2. I think you guys may be the proud owners of a nifty Astros cap 🙂 Don’t worry, the Cubs lefties are having a rough go of it as well.

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