Guess who’s back?

The hottest baseball card of 2007, a Bowman Chrome Superfractor of Joba Chamberlain is back on eBay for the first time since November when it sold for just over $5,000. Wax Heaven was just a baby then but we reported on it, check it out.

So what has changed since November 2007? Well Joba is not a starter for the Yankees. He’s now their relief pitcher but obviously the plan is to get him into a starting position sometime before the end of the season. You can’t keep a guy who throws into the 100’s in the bullpen. It’s just not fair.

Oh, the asking price is $14.999.  Talk amongst yourselves.



  1. I know it’s a 1/1 superfractor auto, but c’mon, it only graded out at mint 9 🙂

    The saddest part is someone will buy it.

  2. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or did PSA screw up the label. They call the card a “SUPEFRACTOR” and missed the first “R”.

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