Battle of the Cosmic Inserts

There’s a special kind of collector that is not satisfied with the regular old Refractor but has absolutely no shot at the fabled SuperFractor, through a pull or even eBay. In the late 90’s, before the days of 1/1 SuperFractors he would be an ‘Atomic Refractor’ kind of guy. Those cards were way more rare than a Refractor and looked twice as nice. Today, the Atomic Refractor is sleeping with the fishes, alongside Donruss Elite and Fleer League Leaders. For today’s collector, if you want to go above a Refractor you have several different color options to go with (blue, red, orange, etc.) but all lack the flash of the Atomic. If flash is what you desire, than my friend you would go with the X-Fractor, all the flash and then some with none of the style and class of the Atomic.

For the record, I have never owned or even touched an Atomic Refractor. In the late 90’s I was lucky enough to pull a regular Refractor! Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I did however see a few at card shows for ridiculous 90’s insert-type prices. Since my return to the hobby I have pulled 3-4 Xfractors, including a nice-looking Ryan Zimmerman but for the most part, they remind me of Pokemon cards.

So how many Atomic’s and X’s do you own and which one do you prefer? My money is on the Atomic Refractors but I could be alone. To each his own, right?


7 thoughts on “Battle of the Cosmic Inserts

  1. I have a real problem with all of the bowman chrome refractors. I LOVE THE ORANGE>>

  2. One of the best cards I ever pulled from a pack is an X-Factor. The 2005 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome X-Factor Autograph of Stephen Drew. It still books at $150.

  3. after i had searched ebay for the third time last night for new orange bowman chromes i looked for a chrimies blog.. anyone know of a bowman chrome blog? I am alowed to date around right Mario?

  4. I has cheezburger! I mean a shot at the 2005 Kerans Superfractor. I lost out last week but the guy reposted after not getting paid! Life is good!

  5. Finding those atomic refractors was easy as a Reds fan in the 1990’s. Now it is even easier because we seem to lack, how do you say it? Stars! that’s it. Stars.

  6. As anyone who’s read my site will probably know, I’m a big BC guy–so I have a fair amount of Xfractors, especially from this years football set, and a number of the colored refractors too.

    I prefer the older Xfractors, though, when they appeared to have more, smaller squares, and the players really jumped out. My favorite is the best card in my collection–being a Minnesota guy, I was trying to get a Mauer auto rookie, and pulled a David Wright Xfractor Auto–I didn’t even know who he was at the time.

  7. i have a 9 pocket page full of cheap 1997 BB atomic refractors (the dean palmers of the world) that i picked up one at a time, a dollar at a time on ebay. they use the same effect on this years co-signer parallel inserts, which was a nice surprise. my favorite style is the 1998 BB atomics, but they are harder to come by, and never for a buck.

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