An eBay auction on LSD?

Nevermind that Grady Sizemore is a great baseball player who only seems to be improving. He is a guy with speed, power, and the ability to score 100 runs every year. You won’t get an argument from me, as I have his cards in my Stars Box. My question to you, the sports cards collector is simple: is his rookie card worth $10,000 to you or anyone you know? Here is one number that sticks out like a sore thumb when I look at his stats: 150+ strike outs in back to back season. That would be fine if he were a 40/120 guy in each season but he has never driven in 100 runs and has never hit more than 28 home runs.

I love that the guy makes an effort to compare the 2001 Albert Pujols rookie to this one but sorry, when compared to a guy like Albert Pujols stat-wise, Grady is a scrub. I understand it might be impossible to find another “PRISTINE” 2000 Bowman Draft Picks Grady Sizemore autograph but for under $300 you can buy the non-graded version of this exact card and have a lot more money left in your bank account, or Pay Pal balance.



  1. This is why I can’t stand grading. People think they can get extremely high money for cheesy stuff just because it’s a gem mint 10. I still think Gem 10 should equate to high book value for the raw card, not this artificial 300% markup for nothing.

  2. No way! I don’t even drink alcohol. i get teased about it at work all day long.

    I am just a former jock turned baseball card nerd.

  3. Essentially, what this is is paying $9700 for a label (and better protector). Sure, the label is worth more than 30 times than the card and actual signature of Sizemore.

  4. Mario thats brings me to my next point?
    To grade or not to grade? Than what grading company do you use? (PSA,Beckett,Gem,Etc?)
    This is my problem with grading cards companys.
    Say one person sends 100 cards to be graded monthly.Than another person say only sends one card monthly to be graded.
    Which of the two people if the card is close to being a GEM MINT 10 will get the GEM MINT grade if the card is say 97% from being GEM MINT-10.The person that sends 100 cards monthly or the person that sends one card monthly?
    So tell me what you think?

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