On the radio!!! TUNE IN NOW!

Wow, this is exciting!!! Check out the radio show HERE.

I am second on the guest list just behind the CEO of SPC Auctions and in front of “Mr. Mint” Alan Rosen. Yeah, you know him from those Beckett ads. I will post the download link when it becomes available. If you guys have an iPod or Zune, make sure to add it to your playlist!



  1. Just listened to the interview – great job! Your history as a collector who was out of the hobby for a while and got back in is very similar to mine, and I hope that a lot more former collectors get back in. I’m trying to recruit some of my friends who are baseball fans back into it.

    I think that the fact that there are only 2 card companies to keep up with now and some really innovative products (including the auto’s and relic cards) could lead to a real renaissance in collecting. My favorite products since I got back in to the hobby a few months ago are Topps Heritage, UD Goudey, and Sweet Spot. If only more baseball fans knew how cool these products (and others)are…

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