Calm down, Reds Fan

Yes, I am talking to you. I am as excited as anyone else over this new pitching phenom but before you go out and spend a small fortune on his rookie card, remember one thing: he’s only pitched in two games. Sure, he’s been close to perfect but let’s not forget he’s got many more starts to come and there have been other rookies who have fooled us.

Johnny Cueto cards are littering eBay at an amazing rate but the current top dog is a 2007 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor #’d 1/5. I would say that’s as good as a rookie card as you can own not counting printing plates and the SuperFractor which is probably still sitting in a pack somewhere. What can you buy for $1,200? Well, for one you can get an entire case of ’07 Bowman Chrome with the possibility of many Cueto’s including some nice parallel versions not to mention Joba, Fmart, and many other valuable autographs. I’d rather take my chance with that and pull some great cards than to pay that much for a guy that could turn out to be the Dominican Todd Van Poppel.

Fool me once…



  1. A pox upon you! How dare you even associate the name of that lazy Texan to our Savior! As for the SuperFractor, it was won for 78 dollars last December just before Christmas. Let’s see Van Poople reach ten dollars.

  2. Is that Johnny Cueto’s facsimile “autograph” on the card? I guess he never learned cursive writing…

  3. Hey, I saw (in person) Van Poppel pitch a pretty darn good start against the Twins back in ’93. You have to remember in regards to Cueto that small sample sizes disguise a lot of stuff. After all, Jeff Suppan isn’t performing like a league-average innings eater yet either and who would dispute that he is one?

    I fail at rookie hype.

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