1st Video Blog!

This is something I am going to begin doing more often. Of course, this will never take away from the core of Wax Heaven, written posts. I will always continue to write like a maniac but Vlogging was only the next natural step for the site. Imagine having 80+ competitors breathing down your neck every day. That’s what it’s like to to be a sports card blogger. You constantly have to keep going forward or you will be left behind.

To the loyal readers of Wax Heaven: Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement this week. Also, keep an eye out for the Tuff Stuff produced Sports Collecting Radio show which should debut tomorrow. When it’s live, I will post a link to it. I come off all “professional” and stuff. Also, from now on all videos made for Wax Heaven will be uploaded to YouTube as well as Vimeo. You can track them all from my YouTube profile which can be found here.



  1. Perhaps the friendly folks at Dremel International would be willing to sponsor a future investigation of those delicious looking goodies.

    I assume you’ve already submitted one of the bars to Cooperstown?

  2. His best season to date? You expecting Jose to be making a comeback sometime soon?

    “Don’t touch it!” Remember that when the little one is around.

  3. Talking Softball, I can’t believe what i just saw, Ken Griffey and his grotesquely swollen jaw, Mario Alejandro lay unconcious on dining room floor, talking softball, from wax heaven you just can’t ask for more…

    You’ll end up like Ozzie Smith man, just say no.

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