Miller back to the minors?

A day after the Marlins sent Rick VandenHurk to the minors after going 0-2, Andrew Miller stunk up the place big time by giving up 6 runs and couldn’t get out of the 4th inning for the second consecutive start. The Marlins have lots of options in their farm system so I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Miller gets demoted and someone like Brett Sinkbeil comes up in his place.

I am not losing hope, though. Andrew is still young and has tons of potential but it is tough to watch. The look on his face last night when he was taken out of the game was heartbreaking. If any good came from this is that my eBay suspension ended early for “good behavior”. Last night I was involved in a bidding war for a 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Andrew Miller. It was under $20 until the last 10 minutes. I made 6 bids but kept losing out until it went above the price I was willing to pay for it. It’s only the third “M” I have seen on eBay. It’s okay, I’ll get it next time, along with the mythical 2007 Finest Black Refractor Autograph #’d to 99 that I have NEVER seen in 5 months of searching for it. Keep your eyes peeled, guys!



  1. The Marlins have 3 blue chips left in the minors, Bret Sinkbeil, Chris Volstad and i guess Aaron Thompson. Miller and Volstad are the migh have the biggest upside. If the Tigers hadnt thrown Miller into the bigs last year, there would have been ZERO chance of him breaking spring training with a rotation spot. SERVICE TIME RULE!!!!!!! I think the Marlins will not be calling up any of the big 3 untill after the mystical date that buys them another year of player control. I think the date is in mid May, after that date look for Miller to go down and be replaced by one of the big 3, also look for Maybin to be called up to play center on that day and i wouldnt be supprised if Cody Ross finds a new home around that time also. I LOVE THE MARLINS AND HATE THE SERVICE TIME RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fakehorsemuffins OUUUUUUUUTT..

  2. But only the Marlins know if its best for Miller to get shelled in the majors untill he works out the kinks, or if its best for him to go down and OWN AAA or AA. I only mention AA because the Marlins seem to send big time guys to AA and lower level bench/bullpen guys out to New Mexico.

  3. I see that the “R” card has just appeared on the bay though, seems just as hard to find.

  4. I just bought a box of these last week. Does anybody know if there are 50-75 of each letter, or 50-75 total for that player?
    I got Micah Owings(N) and Adrain Gonzalez(P). The Owings is #’d to 75. If there are 75 of each letter, that would work out to approx. 450 total cards. Seems kinda week for what I’ve seen some of the stars going for. That logic would mean that there are at least 300 for Miller.

  5. There are players like Adam Dunn that only signed 10 per letter and some that only did 25. Just depends on the player. I think Josh Hamilton is at 30 per letter.

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