Is Walt’s life in danger…?

There’s just something about this photo that doesn’t look right. Forget the fact that the two Steroid Monsters are having a great time, possibly at the expense of Mr. Weiss but can somebody tell me why Walt looks so, I don’t know….terrified?

You know, I sometimes evoke a lot of anger in readers for the comments I make. I always figure it’s better to have an opinion than to keep quiet. I mean, be honest—if Gary Sheffield and Tiger Woods both started blogging, whose blog would you check in on a regular basis? Probably the guy who has an actual opinion, right? It doesn’t matter if the guy is a complete nut case, it’s entertaining and that’s what I am here to do.

So, with that being said how the hell did Walt Weiss win Rookie of the Year in 1988? Were the other new players just that bad? The man had a .250 batting average, 113 hits, and 44 runs scored. Let’s not even look at his 3 home runs and 39 R.B.I. Geez, the man couldn’t even run! He had a whopping 4 stole bases and was caught stealing, wait for it…..4 times.

Despite all this, Walt was always a fan-favorite throughout his career and according to Wikipedia has been linked to many charitable acts and donations to his former schools. So here’s one to Walt Weiss, a horrible baseball player but one heck of a class act!

P.S – Is it just me or does this photo remind you a little of Tom Cruise in Risky Business?



  1. Ah memories….. poor Rockies. I remember when Walt was their lead off man back in the early 90s. It was like watching the end of the order bat first just to make Ellis Burks feel like he wasn’t a sacrificial lamb.

  2. Walt was an OUTSTANDING defensive player…I know, I say him play. Being valuable to your team isn’t just about batting.

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