Heavenly Collections – Jeremy Bonderman

I had all but laid Heavenly Collections to rest when out of the blue, thanks to Joey from Squeeze Play Cards a stranger e-mailed me about his Jeremy Bonderman player collection. You see, David had collected baseball cards for most of his life but it wasn’t until 2003 that he found his calling in the collecting world. In 2003 David pulled his very first Jeremy Bonderman card and while reading the back discovered that Bonderman had made the Tigers squad straight out of high school. That was all it took and a year later David’s collection was included in that now famous issue of Beckett that also featured Bryan the Canseco King‘s stuff. I believe Beckett’s quote was, “one of the greatest single player collections ever“. They weren’t exaggerating.

Today David’s collection is still one of the most impressive. For starters, he has 1,090 different cards, 245 game-used, 180 certified autographs, and an unheard of 155 1/1’s. He has most of his collection featured on his personal website, which can be found HERE. As far as his favorite card, it’s a 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Auto 1/5 RC. It’s not for the value that he cherishes the card but because of how hard it was to find.



  1. This is a great collection! I know how hard it is to find those Leaf Certified cards. Way to go and good luck in the future with the Donruss 1 / 1’s you need.

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