Finest Rookie Card Redemption # 1

Topps has announced that the first Finest Rookie Redemption is none other than Cincinnatti phenom, Johnny Cueto!

Throughout the 2008 Major League Baseball season, Topps will announce the subjects for the 10-card Rookie Redemption set. Each Master Box of Topps Finest includes one Rookie Redemption. The cards will be printed and shipped to collectors after 8/30/08.

Stay tuned for Rookie Redemption # 2!



  1. So are they just going to be base rookie cards?
    No refractors, xfractors? No serial number?

  2. I just want to know when I can get some Porcello rookies. Geez, lets get on it people! All there is out there of our newest Tiger is Tristar, Just Rookies and one crazy expensive Aflac Topps. One of the redemptions better be Ricky. I refuse to put out for the mysterious Donruss #130 redemption either. Especially when Donruss still doesn’t have it figured out yet.
    On another note it looks as if the trade is still even. We haven’t got anything more out of Cabrera and Willis than you guys have had from Maybin and Miller. Hell, you have a way better winning percentage too. It’s looking a little sad up here. Worst in the league…(sigh)…never saw that coming.

  3. I have a feeling the next Rookie Redemption will be David Murphy. A big let down from any backup Red but still a rookie.

  4. I’m busting a box of Finest tonight and got Rookie Redemption #2. I’m hoping that it’ll be Evan Longoria! By the way, on the back of the card, it says that Topps will ship the card after 11/30/08. Bummer.

  5. some of my guesses are longoria, joey votto, fukudome, soto, edinson volquez, jair jurrjens, armando galarraga, j.r. towles, john bowker, colby rasmus and of course johnny cueto who is confirmed…anyone have other suggestions?

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