Fake patch makers might be braindead

Sometimes I am shocked at the fake patches I spot on eBay throughout the week. Some are incredibly easy to spot but you’d be surprised how many people actually fall for these scams and waste hundreds of dollars on these patches.

The patch below is my nominee for worst fake patch in the history of baseball cards. Can you find something worse than this Larry Walker Authentic Memorabilia with a hockey patch? If you are considering buying a patch card and don’t know for sure if it’s real, check out the Fake Patch Report for help.



  1. Well it dosent have a patch or an auto but i got the VIXEN today..# 2/15.. Now i have one of the hottest card out there and im on one of the hotest card sites on the web!! Im going to have to bring it with me to all the Marlins games to work on an AUTO now..I betthe Vixen treats people better than Jeter!!

  2. I wish I could get an actual Larry Walker patch card or game used. Do any actually exist or was he out of the game before patches started?

  3. I actually tried to find this card on ebay (wanted to buy it…makes me laugh) but didnt have any luck. Oh well.

  4. As someone who buys a lot of jersey cards, I can tell you if you can see a big part of any logo, it’s a fake. You know if it’s real if the logo is a tiny part and is attached to a jersey. Anytime the entire swatch is a patch, it’s a fake. Also the swatch is usually put in sideways (although not all the time) if it’s real. But basically if you don’t see any jersey or if the jersey is a tiny part of it. It is probably fake.

  5. There are plenty of Larry Walker patch cards. I think I have two of them myself. Usually find them in the Prime Patches set or Sweet Spot Classic.

  6. I have mixed feelings on jersey cards. I thought they were a real neat idea at first, but the more i think about it the more of a joke it seems. Let’s say I owned an authentic game worn jersey of your favorite sports hero. Now lets say i cut a one inch piece of the jersey off and tried to sell it to you on the street,or on ebay, garage sale etc. You probably would not want it. If you did , you probably would only pay a few bucks at most, just for the novelty. Now lets say i took a picture of this star , downloaded it on my computer, and made a one of a kind sports card of him, them professionally printed it out on a high quality printer. Then I glued the piece to the card. Now how much would you pay? What if it was a piece of a cool patch on the jersey? I doubt anyone would pay anything for it, even if it looked decent.The more I ask myself these questions, the more ridiculous the whole thing seems. People are paying half as much for a one inch square of cloth or patches on prime cards, as they would be just buying an authentic game used jersey. Pay more, get the real deal! Plus how many 1 inch squares are in a football,baseball, or hockey jersey…..THOUSANDS! the sports card companies have taken a worthless piece of mass produced cardboard, and made it seem more valuable by adding a very very very small piece of something valuable to it, which in reality is worthless also. Now we have people jamming fake patches into real jersey cards to try to make the card more valuable, I dont know weather to laugh or cry. Don’t waste your time or money on “perceived” valuables, spend a little more, and buy a little less on things that will always have actual value.

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