Death by blogging

Wow, just read an interesting and somewhat scary article from the New York Times about Bloggers dropping dead left and right. It was pretty eye-opening considering that I could relate a great deal to it. For example, when Tatiana and I get home from buying a new box of baseball cards I have to: set up the lighting, tape a video box break, run to the computer and begin editing, start upload, scan key pulls, begin writing review, start putting new cards away, and than begin posting the review and video box break at Wax Heaven. Don’t even get me started on breaking news. I pride myself in being the first to preview a new product or break a new story. For example, the second I saw scans of the ’08 Finest Rip Girls/Rip Master autographs I began writing about them (at work) in a mad rush to break the news before any other Bloggers got to it first. I broke that story at Wax Heaven on April 1st, Beckett Media didn’t cover it until the 3rd.

So am I burning the candle at both ends or is this part of the “Blogger lifestyle”? I am constantly going to bed 2-3 hours later than my wife just to answer a few extra e-mails, scour eBay for cards I cannot buy, work out trades with collectors from around the world, or to plan my next idea—which by the way, is currently in pre-production. Yeah, I know…I’m hopeless! 🙂



  1. You are so funny. Heh, that reporter made a big leap from two deaths to ‘Death by Blogging,’ but probably had a deadline and had to produce something. 🙂

    Also don’t forget the countereffect of Mental Health By Blogging, which will offset any early demise problems. This is a human interest sort of blog, not Tech or Politics or Celebrity Worship, and that’s healthy right there. DBB is all the more reason to keep a blog non-commercial, too.

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